Hon Stephen Femi Owoniyi Omoga felicitate with Kabba/bunu christian brethrens charge’s them to emulate symbol of hope, happiness, peace, love, unity, and commitment.

On behalf of myself, family and political associates, I heartily rejoice with my Christian brethrens across Kogi State and in particular, Kabba/bunu Local Government Area on this joyous occasion of Christmas celebration for the year 2023, in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas seasons symbolises hope, happiness, peace, love, unity and commitment to the worship of God Almighty. It is also a moment for sharing as espoused in the good virtues preached and walked by Jesus.

It is in this regard that I enjoin my dear Christian brethrens and indeed, all citizens of Kabba/bunu Local Government Area to, while enjoying this festival, bear in mind that the symbols represented by Jesus ought to be replicated by every single one of us, as doing so would imminently translate into a more secured, peaceful, united and progressive Kabba/bunu Local Government Area for all.

On our part, we shall continue to live to the cardinal objectives of this administration which centers on securing lives and property, as well as promoting the general wellbeing of our dearest people. In our desire to realize these noble objectives, we will set in place, people-oriented policies, programmes and projects given rise to Rural/Urban development Initiatives, Youth/Women Empowerment Schemes, Sound Healthcare Delivery Support and more while we will equally running Inclusive Government. This will strengthened our ties with you all and will further invigorated our passion to doing more.

I therefore call for your continuous support so that together, we shall make Kabba/bunu Local Government Area a role model as far as good governance is concerned.

May we please, remain the law abiding and peaceful people we are known and respected for, and observe healthy precautions as suggested by health experts.

Accept, on behalf of myself, my family and my political associates, my best wishes as you go about celebrating this auspicious moment.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Hon. Stephen Femi Owoniyi (Omoga)
Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Kogi state on Thrift and Credit Union Regulations
23th December, 2023.

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