Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, Nigeria – In a remarkable display of commitment and dedication to serving his constituents, Hon. Arch Salman Idris, Member of the Nigerian House of Representatives representing Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, recently distributed an array of empowerment items and food palliatives. The distribution included 20 motorcycles, 20 grinding machines, 20 generators, 38 deep freezers, 20 cameras with printers, 1 industrial sewing machine, and an astonishing 6,300 bags of rice worth hundreds of millions of naira.

The event, which took place on the auspicious day of December 24th, 2023, was met with great enthusiasm and gratitude from the residents of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency. Hon. Arch Salman Idris, also known as Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA, delivered a heartfelt speech at the occasion, underscoring his determination to uplift and empower his constituents.

Speaking passionately to the audience, Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support and trust. He also highlighted the strides he has made in the past six months as their representative, emphasizing his dedication to the welfare of the people.

In his speech, he mentioned the accomplishments achieved thus far, including the construction of a 1km road and the establishment of a state-of-the-art computer center in Iyara. The representative also highlighted his efforts in fostering relationships across party lines and facilitating legislative measures for the betterment of the constituency.

Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA went on to highlight significant developments in Ayewa, Kabba, particularly in the area of power supply. In light of the economic importance of consistent electricity, he announced the release of one million naira for the replacement of a transformer, putting an end to power outages in the area. Additionally, he noted the facilitation of the Ayegunle-Iluke-Idoyi electricity connection, an achievement that will undoubtedly benefit the constituents.

Crucially, Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA stressed the importance of infrastructure, especially the construction and repair of roads. He revealed the allocation of funds totaling 500,000 naira for the Olle road, in collaboration with the Kiri Development Association for infrastructural development in Kiri Land.

The Iyah-Ayeh roads were also given equal attention, with an allocation of 500,000 naira to ensure safer and more efficient travel for constituents. Notably, 2,000,000 naira was earmarked for the Okoro-Odokoro-Ayeh road, further illustrating the representative’s commitment to improving accessibility across the constituency.

Empowering the most vulnerable members of society remains at the forefront of Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA’s agenda. Through the National Widows’ Programme, he has provided substantial support to widows, including food items, clothing materials, and financial assistance. Just yesterday, 450 widows were blessed with such provisions, offering hope and comfort during challenging times.

In continuation of his efforts to uplift the community, Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA distributed empowerment items worth millions of naira at the event. This initiative not only enhances livelihoods but also creates sustainable opportunities for the constituents, fostering prosperity and self-reliance while curbing crime.

Hon. (Arc.) Salman Idris FNIA concluded his speech by assuring the audience that there is still much work to be done. He reaffirmed his commitment to their interests as he advocates for causes vital to the growth and well-being of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

As the residents of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency look towards a brighter future, they remain grateful for the unwavering dedication and exemplary leadership of Hon. Arch Salman Idris. With his consistent efforts to uplift and empower, the constituency is headed towards a prosperous and self-reliant society.

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