Google’s Gemini AI

Google has recently introduced its Gemini AI model, a formidable competitor to ChatGPT. The exciting news is that you can try out Gemini for free, specifically through the Bard chatbot. This article will guide you on accessing Gemini Pro in Bard, exploring its features, and shedding light on future developments.

Gemini Pro in Bard

Gemini Pro, the initial version of Google’s Gemini, is currently accessible through the Bard chatbot. This integration allows users to experience the capabilities of Gemini without any cost. Additionally, Pixel 8 Pro users can leverage Gemini in their AI-suggested text replies on WhatsApp, with future integration planned for Gboard.

Current Limitations and Future Enhancements

Presently, only a text-based version of Gemini is available in Bard, and it supports the English language. However, Google has ambitious plans to introduce multimodal capabilities in future releases, enabling the chatbot to process various forms of input and generate diverse outputs. Although Gemini is not yet available in the European Union, there are expectations for expanded language support and global accessibility in upcoming updates.

Gemini Pro vs. Gemini Ultra

While Gemini Pro is the current version accessible in Bard, Google has teased the arrival of Gemini Ultra in 2024. This advanced model is designed to handle complex tasks across text, images, audio, video, and code. It is expected to bring a new level of sophistication to AI interactions. Notably, Gemini Nano, a smaller version tailored for smartphone features, is already available in the Pixel 8 Pro for WhatsApp replies.

Free Access and Future Plans

Contrary to its premium-sounding name, Gemini Pro in Bard is free to use. Google has not disclosed detailed future plans for Gemini, but a potential subscription-based model, Gemini Ultra, might be integrated into an upgraded chatbot named Bard Advanced. For comparison, ChatGPT offers a subscription service for access to its latest model, GPT-4, priced at $20 per month.

How to Access Gemini Pro in Bard

To access Gemini Pro, simply visit the Bard website and log in with your Google account. Creating an account is a prerequisite, and users with Google Workspace accounts may need to switch to their personal email accounts. As this integration is still experimental, users may encounter software glitches in chatbot responses.

Experimenting with Gemini Pro

As you experiment with Gemini Pro in Bard, take note of potential glitches and bear in mind that this integration is still in the experimental phase. Bard’s strengths lie in its integration with various Google services, offering possibilities like summarizing emails by tagging @Gmail or exploring topics with videos through @YouTube. Keep in mind the evolving nature of chatbots and explore effective prompt crafting using our guide for Google’s Bard.


Google’s Gemini AI presents an exciting opportunity for users to delve into advanced generative models. By accessing Gemini Pro in Bard, you can explore its capabilities, anticipate future developments, and witness the evolution of AI-driven interactions. As the field progresses, Gemini Ultra promises to take things to the next level, emphasizing versatility across different media formats.

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