In a momentous announcement, Hon Architect Salman Idris, representing the people of Kabba/Ijumu/Bunu, has extended his endorsement to the Obangogo 2023 event. Describing it as a cultural advantage to their heritage, Hon Salman Idris invites friends and colleagues to join in celebrating this remarkable occasion.

The focal point of this celebration, the Obangogo mountain, holds a rich history dating back thousands of years. Formed by a volcanic eruption, this igneous rock stands proudly on a longitude of 176638.210E and a latitude of 857813.110N, approximately 4.8 kilometers from the main highway of Kabba – Okene. Rising to an elevation of 615.50 meters above sea level, Obangogo is the second tallest mountain in Kogi State, surpassed only by the renowned Oke-Esa in Idagbon of Ikowo-opa in Owe land.

What sets Obangogo apart is not just its height but also the breathtaking views it offers. From its summit, one can gaze upon Osara, Okene, and parts of the Lokoja metropolis, providing a panoramic spectacle that stretches for several kilometers. The hill is a testament to the aesthetic, scientific, historical, and cultural value it holds.

Salman Idris emphasizes the enchanting features of Obangogo, highlighting its metamorphic rock and granite, lofty peaks, and beautiful valley. The endorsement serves not only as political support but also as recognition of the hill’s significance in preserving the cultural heritage of the Kabba/Ijumu/Bunu people.

The Obangogo 2023 event, scheduled for 27 December, marks another year of celebrating this cultural gem. While currently an annual affair, Hon Salman Idris expresses the hope that with time, Obangogo will become a regular destination for tourists worldwide. The event promises to be a unique blend of tradition, history, and the natural beauty that Obangogo encapsulates.

As the countdown begins to the 27th of December, anticipation grows for an event that not only signifies political backing but also symbolizes a collective effort to preserve and promote the cultural richness embedded in the majestic Obangogo mountain.

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