With the November 11th Kogi governorship election just around the corner, Olayinka Braimoh, the Action Alliance candidate, is experiencing a surge in support from enthusiastic Ganaja followers who are eager to mobilize and vote for him. Particularly noteworthy is the significant number of women supporters from Ganaja village who have pledged to make the election day a resounding victory for Braimoh, as they believe he holds the key to a better future for Kogi State.

Olayinka Braimoh’s campaign has seen a recent influx of supporters who are rallying behind his bid for the governorship of Kogi State. The surge in support is indicative of the growing confidence and trust that the people of Kogi place in Braimoh’s ability to bring about positive change.

With the election just days away, Braimoh’s supporters in Ganaja village, particularly women, have taken it upon themselves to ensure his success. They have vowed to make November 11 a day solely dedicated to securing Braimoh’s victory at the polls. Their dedication and determination to see him become the governor of Kogi State underscores the belief that he is the right candidate to lead the state towards progress and development.

The significant number of women supporters backing Olayinka Braimoh’s campaign is a testament to his acceptance among this demographic. Women have long played a crucial role in Nigerian politics, and their support can often be a deciding factor in determining the outcome of elections. Their unwavering commitment to Braimoh’s cause highlights their belief in his vision and the potential he holds to address the pressing issues affecting women in Kogi State.

~ Painter of the Sky

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