Braimoh’s growing popularity as a potential candidate for the next governor of Kogi state has ignited fear within the opposition camps as the state’s gubernatorial election draws near. This fear has led to the spreading of propaganda and false rumors aimed at discrediting Braimoh’s candidacy.

One of the false rumors suggests that Braimoh has stepped down in favor of the ADC’s candidate, Hon.Leke Abejide. Let it be known that this is nothing but a baseless propaganda tactics employed by his opponents to undermine his credibility and sow confusion among his supporters. Braimoh remains focused on his mission to bring prosperity and development to Kogi state as the next governor.

Another prevalent and unfounded rumor being spread is that Braimoh is being sponsored by the current serving governor of Kogi state. This rumor aims to discourage Braimoh’s supporters by associating him with the governor he has never met physically. It is crucial to recognize that these rumors are baseless and lack any factual evidence.

Despite the hurdles and false rumors attempts to discredit and undermine Braimoh, he remains steadfast in his commitment to fulfilling his assignment of laying the foundation for prosperity in Kogi state. His dedication, integrity, and vision have resonated with the people of Kogi state, leading to his increasing popularity and the fear experienced by the opposition.

As the gubernatorial election approaches, it is essential for the people of Kogi state to be vigilant and discerning in separating truth from falsehood. Braimoh’s focus on development and his determination to bring positive change to the state should not be overshadowed by propaganda and false rumors. The future of Kogi state lies in the hands of its people, and it is their responsibility to choose a leader who will truly prioritize their welfare and development.

~ Painter of the Sky

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