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Your One Year In Office: Epitome Of Wasteful And Failed Legislative Representation, Kabba Coalition Youth Group Blasts Kogi West Senator, Sunday Karimi

A coalition youth group in Kabba has condemned in totality and described the one year in office of the Senator, Kogi West senatorial district, Senator Sunday Karimi as epitome of wasteful and failed legislative representation.

The coalition youth groups accused the senator of neglecting Kabba which they noted is the headquarters of Kogi West senatorial district from all his epitome of wasteful, failed and directless activities of the senator since assumption of office one year ago.

The groups in a statement and made available to newsmen said the senator has refused to established a senatorial office which supposed to be located in Kabba, thereby, cutting the Kogi West constituents from connecting with the senator which they alleged of not coming home but rather choose to remain in Abuja or travel abroad at the detriment of his constituents which the federal lawmaker supposed to protect as his primary assignment.

The group coordinator, Comrade Jethro Olorundare Dada accused the senator of neglecting Kabba in his choice of selecting his Senior Legislative Aid (SLA), Legislative Aid, Personal Assistance, Secretary and other staffs working for the senator in his National Assembly office, Abuja, but only engaged in a lopsided appointment from one axis of the senatorial district. The situation the state noted has never happen in the history of the senatorial district.

“Go to his office at the National Assembly, Abuja, all you will see there, are his brothers. All his staff from the Senior Legislative Aid, Legislative Aid, Personal Assistance, Secretary And other Side Staffs, are his (the Senator’s brothers and sisters). This is where his failure commences.

“In one of his epitome of wasteful and failed legislative representation, the senator who have been running round the big names in the red chamber only to make money for himself, of recent, announced a lowly four slots for Kogi West senatorial district into the 87 recruitment of the Nigerian Army neglecting Kabba in the recruitment and offer, Mopamuro, Kogi, Yagba West and Lokoja local government areas respectively as benefiting LGAs.

“Senator Sunday Karimi continued his woeful performance and his neglect of Kabba in his one year non-performance and failed representation when he again announced six slots without Kabba making the list for the 2024 recruitment into the police force for only, Ijumu, Kogi, Lokoja, Mopamuro, Yagba East (2) slots, respectively as the benefiting LGAs.

Where other Senators from Kogi state are giving gainfully employment for their constituents at the federal Agencies, Ministries, Departments and private organizations, but unfortunately in Kogi West, some constituents are seen on the social platforms celebrating the failed federal lawmaker for facilitating “recruitment” from Army and Police for his constituents. These are what those who are not in the position of authorities are doing for their people. “Recruitment Facilitator Senator”, shameful.

“Of recent, the senator also announced the setting up of a committee for 100 million naira yearly students Bursery award whereas no names was mentioned as members of the committee. Our question are; could this be a deceit or another of his failed attempt which has made the senator not to disclose the members of the committee?; How would a committee they said would implement his yearly Bursery award for Kogi West senatorial district in public tertiary institutions across Nigeria be constituted in the secret arrangements and never announced the members for the constituents he is representing? ; Which criteria did the senator put together before constituting the committee and who are the people did the senator consulted before constituting the said committee he said he has constituted? and who are the members of the committee if they are truly constituted? ,All these questions beg for answer without any further delay.

The senator should not forget that our constituency allowance is over 100 million and he should be open with the ways and manner at which he carries out the expenses of the constituency allowance and activities.

During the tenure of Senator Smart Adeyemi and Senator Dino Melaye, they both attended public functions across the senatorial district to include, wedding ceremony, burials, community/cultural days and what have you. Senator Karimi has never attended any function around here just because of his non-performance and failed representation in office and his failure to give qualitative and effective representation but only running around as errands in the red chamber to make money for himself at the detriment of his constituents.

“The senator have never deem it fit to make a thank you tour or visit to Kogi West senatorial district since he assumed office in June 2023. He has not been seen around us. If by accident, you see or meet him, he will look down at you because he has no interest in the people he is representing at the red chamber.

“We want to remind the senator that the power to show him the way out of office and the power to make him failed his second term bid should the senator have it in mind to re-contest lies in our hands(the electorate), we will resist any intimidation, last hour achievements to get votes and vote buying from any non-performance and failed representatives whom we have elected as our representatives in the forthcoming general election. We will give out our votes according to your performance as non-performing and failed representatives in position of authority would never get our votes again.

You have the next three years to continue your failed representation and non-performance in office. There is nothing time can not heal. We will make corrections this time around. A word is enough for the wise.

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