Hon. Mayowa Idris Visits Ijumu Hospitals, Donates Cash to Patients

Hon. Mayowa Idris Visits Ijumu Hospitals, Donates Cash to Patients

Hon. Mayowa Idris, a prominent businessman, philanthropist, and CEO of Mapatos Oil and Gas Investment, marked the eve of his birthday with a heartfelt gesture of generosity and compassion. Known for his charitable efforts, Hon. Mayowa chose to extend his benevolence to the less fortunate and ailing individuals in Ijumu, Kogi State.

In a spirit of gratitude towards Almighty God, Hon. Mayowa organized a medical outreach targeting several communities within Ijumu. The selected communities included Ife, Ayetoro-Gbedde in the Gbedde axis, Iyara in the Ijumu Arin axis, and Egbeda-Egga, his hometown. This outreach aimed to support those struggling with illness and unable to afford medical treatment.

Hon. Mayowa Idris, Ijumu Hospitals, Donates Cash to Patients

On July 6, 2024, a day before his birthday, Hon. Mayowa visited the Ayetoro-Gbedde General Hospital, where he personally handed out cash envelopes to patients. Addressing those he met on their sickbeds, he expressed his reasons for choosing this particular form of celebration.

“I am strong and healthy, which is why I can celebrate my birthday,” Hon. Mayowa said. “Because of the grace and privilege I received from God Almighty, I have decided to celebrate my birthday with you here.”

Following his visit, Hon. Mayowa shared his motivations in an interview with Gbamblog. He emphasized the importance of extending kindness to those in need, particularly in times of medical distress. “Extending these kind gestures to our people has become paramount and needful because that should be the essence of humanity. Some of these people may not have money to support their medical treatment or even buy drugs, so I am elated that God gave me this opportunity.”

Hon. Mayowa further reflected on the impact of his actions, saying, “This opportunity allows me to put myself in the shoes of others, understanding their struggles and challenges. This act of compassion fosters a sense of gratitude for the blessings I have received in my life, reminding me to be thankful and appreciative. I promise to continue in this manner as long as God continues to enable me.”

During his visits to the General Hospital in Ayetoro-Gbedde and Banwo Hospital in Iyara, Hon. Mayowa’s actions were met with deep appreciation. Patients, their families, hospital staff, and visitors expressed their gratitude, praying for him and wishing him a happy birthday. Many highlighted the rarity of such selfless acts, commending Hon. Mayowa for his generosity and compassion.

Hon. Mayowa Idris’s charitable acts on the eve of his birthday not only provided immediate relief to those in need but also set a remarkable example of empathy and philanthropy. His commitment to giving back to his community underscores the essence of humanity and serves as an inspiration to many.

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