Kogi State University,Kabba, Governing Council, Honourable Commissioner for Education

Kogi State University, Kabba Governing Council Pays Courtesy Visit to Honourable Commissioner for Education

Discuss Fast-Track Development Plans for Youngest State University in Kogi State

In a significant step towards the rapid development of Kogi State University Kabba, the Chairman of the Governing Council, Prof. Sadiku, led a delegation of council members to pay a courtesy visit to the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Hon. Wemi Jones FCIB. The visit underscored the council’s commitment to propelling the youngest state-owned university in Kogi State to new academic and infrastructural heights.

During the visit, Prof. Sadiku highlighted the remarkable strides the university has made since its inception. He praised the swift approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC), marking it as one of the fastest approvals in the country’s educational history. This achievement, he noted, is a testament to the concerted efforts of the university’s leadership and the unwavering support from the state government.

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Prof. Sadiku took the opportunity to commend the former governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, for his visionary role in establishing the university, and the current governor, Alhaji Usman Ododo, for his continued dedication to the institution’s development. He also expressed deep gratitude to the royal fathers and the host community for their relentless support, which has been pivotal in the university’s progress.

Describing Hon. Wemi Jones as a supportive ally, Prof. Sadiku assured the commissioner of the council’s commitment to realizing the university’s vision of becoming a world-class institution. He pledged to work tirelessly to ensure the university’s success and to foster an environment conducive to academic excellence.

In his response, Hon. Wemi Jones welcomed the council members warmly and expressed his delight in the university’s progress, referring to it as a dream turned reality. He lauded the former governor’s foresight in establishing the university and applauded Governor Usman Ododo for sustaining the momentum.

Hon. Jones encouraged the council to explore various business ventures that could bolster the university’s growth and sustainability. He emphasized the importance of quick and efficient development, promising his unwavering support for all initiatives aimed at enhancing the institution’s stature.

The visit concluded on a high note with discussions centered on mobilizing contractors for upcoming construction projects on the campus, set to commence in the coming weeks. The commissioner expressed his gratitude for the visit and reiterated his readiness to provide any necessary assistance to ensure the university’s continuous growth.

With the dedication and strategic planning of the governing council, coupled with the support from the Honourable Commissioner for Education, Kogi State University Kabba is well on its way to becoming a beacon of higher education in the state. The university’s commitment to excellence and innovation promises a bright future for students and the broader community, positioning it as a pivotal institution in Kogi State’s educational landscape.

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