Dr. Ayodele Oluwakemi (FNCS), President of Nigeria Women in Information Technology (NIWIIT)

Dr. Ayodele Oluwakemi (FNCS) Takes the Helm as President of Nigeria Women in Information Technology (NIWIIT)

Dr. Ayodele Oluwakemi (FNCS), a dedicated advocate for women in technology, has been elected as the President of the Nigeria Women in Information Technology (NIWIIT). Her extensive experience and impactful contributions with the organization have positioned her as the ideal leader to guide NIWIIT to greater heights.

Throughout her journey with NIWIIT, Dr. Oluwakemi has held various critical roles, including Member of the Bye-Law Committee, National Public Relations Officer, National Secretary, Chairman of the Conference Committee, and Chairman of the Research Committee. Her visionary leadership and commitment to the organization have set a strong foundation for her presidency.

With a clear vision for NIWIIT, Dr. Oluwakemi aims to focus on four key areas: Visibility, Empowerment, Innovation, and Collaboration. She plans to enhance the visibility of NIWIIT across Nigeria by establishing new state chapters, strengthening existing chapters, and increasing the impact of chapter activities.

Empowering members is a top priority for Dr. Oluwakemi, who intends to implement mentorship programs, skills development workshops, and networking opportunities to support women in IT. She also plans to foster a culture of innovation by promoting research and development, encouraging leadership in technology, and facilitating knowledge sharing among members.

Collaboration will be a cornerstone of Dr. Oluwakemi’s leadership, as she plans to build partnerships with educational institutions, industry leaders, and government bodies. She aims to create robust support networks that provide resources, opportunities, and guidance for NIWIIT members.
With Dr. Oluwakemi at the helm, NIWIIT is poised to become a thriving network for women in information technology, empowering its members and driving innovation in the field. Her presidency marks a new chapter of growth and success for the organization.

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