World Widows Day Kogi, First Female Lawmaker, Empowers 100 Widows

World Widows Day: Kogi’s First Female Lawmaker Empowers 100 Widows

In a remarkable gesture of compassion and solidarity, Princess Omotayo Adeleye-Ishaya, the member representing Ijumu Constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly, has empowered 100 widows within her constituency. Each widow received ₦5,000, totaling an expenditure of ₦500,000, as part of the commemoration of International Widows Day.

The announcement was made during the 2024 Ekinrin Adde Day celebrations over the weekend. Speaking on the motivation behind this initiative, Princess Adeleye-Ishaya shared her personal experience of loss, having lost her husband just four months ago. She emphasized the profound impact of losing a family’s breadwinner, a reality she now intimately understands.

“I lost my beloved husband about four months ago, and I now feel what it means to lose the breadwinner of the family to the cold hands of death,” Princess Adeleye-Ishaya stated. “That is why I deemed it necessary, as the representative of the good people of Ijumu Constituency at the State House of Assembly, to empower 100 widows with the sum of ₦500,000. Each widow got ₦5,000 to cushion the effect of the current economic quagmire.”

Her initiative is particularly significant in light of the challenging economic conditions currently facing Nigeria. The empowerment aims to provide a modest but meaningful relief to widows, many of whom struggle with financial instability following the loss of their spouses.

Princess Adeleye-Ishaya assured her constituents of her continued dedication to providing quality representation through both empowerment initiatives and legislation that directly benefits the state and its citizens. She reiterated her commitment to improving the lives of the people in her constituency and addressing the unique challenges faced by widows.

This act of generosity by Kogi’s first female lawmaker underscores the importance of empathy and proactive support for vulnerable groups, especially in times of economic hardship. As Nigeria continues to navigate its economic challenges, such initiatives serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the impact that thoughtful leadership can have on individual lives and communities at large.

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