Hon. Seyi Bello, Kogi West Legislative Forum, Rt. Hon. Abiodun James Faleke

Hon. Seyi Bello Joins Kogi West Legislative Forum for Courtesy Visit to Rt. Hon. Abiodun James Faleke

Hon. Seyi Bello, representing Kabba Bunnu in the Kogi State House of Assembly and serving as the Deputy Chief Whip, recently joined his colleagues in the Kogi West Legislative Forum for a courtesy visit to Rt. Hon. Abiodun James Faleke at his country home in Ekinrin Adde, Ijumu LGA. The visit was organized ahead of the celebration of the 2024 Ekinrin Adde Day.

The gathering was marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas and discussions on fostering unity and promoting the rapid transformation of Kogi West and Kogi State as a whole. Hon. Bello and his fellow legislators seized the opportunity to rub minds with Hon. Faleke, sharing insights on how to collectively drive development and progress in their constituencies.

Hon. Seyi Bello was accompanied by several notable figures, including Hon. Smart Adekunle, former Deputy Councilor of Kabba Bunnu Legislative Council; Hon. Folorunsho Ajayi, former Councilor of Odo Akete Ward; and Hon. Ogunsanmi Samuel, also known as Senator. Their presence underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing the needs and aspirations of the people of Kogi West.

The visit to Hon. Faleke’s home was an exciting experience for all involved. It provided a platform for the legislators to bond and reaffirm their commitment to the socio-economic development of their region. The discussions centered on strategic initiatives that could be implemented to enhance infrastructure, education, healthcare, and overall quality of life for the residents of Kogi West.

The legislators expressed their appreciation for Hon. Faleke’s hospitality and his unwavering dedication to the betterment of Kogi West. They acknowledged his leadership and vision, which have been instrumental in driving positive changes within the community.

As the 2024 Ekinrin Adde Day celebration approaches, the visit to Hon. Faleke’s home serves as a reminder of the power of unity and collaboration in achieving common goals. The Kogi West Legislative Forum remains committed to working together to create a brighter and more prosperous future for all residents of Kogi State.

The visit concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and determination among the legislators, who are more resolved than ever to continue their efforts towards the development and transformation of Kogi West. The bonds forged and ideas exchanged during this visit are expected to translate into tangible benefits for the people they serve.

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