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A layman definition of Development is like building a house. You start with a plan, add bricks and cement, and eventually, you have a strong and beautiful home. In life, development means growing and improving in life.
While a layman definition of Unity is like a big family gathering. Everyone comes together, shares food and stories, and supports each other. In life, unity means:

  • Working together towards a common goal
  • Respecting and appreciating each other’s differences
  • Supporting and helping each other out

In short, development is growth and improvement, while unity is coming together and supporting each other. When we unite, we can achieve more development, and when we develop, we become more united!

The above defines the Alhaji Ibrahim Haruna’s model of governance. I have had opportunity to sit with the Caretaker Chairman of Ijumu and one thing he hammers on is the Development and Unity of the Local Government. His school of thought is clear…there can’t be development if we don’t unite as a people and I honestly share that school of thought and this has drawn me close to him even before his appointment as the CTC of Ijumu LG. It’s worthy of note that the Chairman first task the immediately he assumes office was to meditate in between stakeholders giving reasons why we all need to work together,and that I must say is yeilding tremendous results.

Alhaji Haruna DStv knows that an hungry populace is an angry one, he immediately cleared about 150 hectre of land for ijumu farmers for this year wet season farming,this action deserves commendation because as the saying goes “when the problem of hunger is solved, poverty is half defeated.” This also shows that Alhaji Haruna is a true protege of the executive governor of Kogi State Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, who is bent on turning Kogi State into the food basket of the nation, the caretaker chairman is following closely the steps of his mentor the governor in all sector agriculture especially.

The recent visit of the chairman to some primary schools in ijumu LG also draw my attention of the right steps in the right direction of this humble man fondly called Alhaji DStv. A visit to some of our primary schools will only leave tears on ones eyes, so it gives me great joy that the CTC is ready to take the bull by the horns when it comes to primary education in our beloved LG of Ijumu. The foundation of education is the primary education and the moment we get it right at that level the problem is half solved. Alhaji Ibrahim Haruna is aware of the Yoruba proverb that “Omo ta nba ko, Loma gbe’le tako ta” meaning “the child we refuse to educate will sell off any property we acquire” so for us to protect the future of the LG we must build the future of our children.
At this point I want to plead with the Caretaker Chairman to as a matter of urgency set up a committee of renowned educationist from the LG to make recommendations on how we can take primary education to a great level in the LG then setting the pace for other LG in the state.

Let me drop my pen here as my Muslim brethren are on my neck to join them for the Ileya celebration but before I stop I want to plead with the chairman to provide adequate security for ijumu farmers so as to achieve his dream of turning ijumu into the food basket of Kogi State.
At this junction I want to plead with all lovers of Ijumu who are not just in office for selfish reasons to join hands with Alhaji Ibrahim Haruna DStv to move our darling LG to a level where we will become the envy of other LG in the state, by uniting to push our cause to the appropriate quarters. Wishing us all a wonderful ilaya celebration.

Lanre Obalaja
Writes from Ayere.

My concluding thoughts after the celebration.

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