High Expectations as Committee Sets Out to Crown First Onu Igala Kabba

High Expectations as Committee Sets Out to Crown First Onu Igala Kabba

The recent establishment of a committee to appoint the inaugural Onu Igala Kabba has generated significant excitement and anticipation among the Igala sons and daughters resident in the land and its environs.
The Committee, comprising esteemed members of the Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA); the executives of the Igala Community (ICK) as well as the Heads of other Igala meetings within and around Kabba was formed during the ICDA general congress held at the residence of Mr. Abuh Muhammed of ‘A’ Division, Police Barracks, Kabba.
The Committee was inaugurated same day by the ICDA chairman, Mr. Onalo Ali.

Following the passing away of the previous Head of the Igala sons and daughters in Kabba on 29th February, 2024, the Committee observed a three-month mourning period in accordance with Igala culture and traditions. Now, the Committee is saddled with selecting a worthy successor, not just a head, but a crowned Onu of Igala, Kabba.


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This diverse and inclusive Committee brings together a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise, ensuring a comprehensive and representative selection process. The public has high expectations from this inaugurated Committee, tasked with the critical responsibility of selecting a worthy candidate for the coveted title.

The highly respected Community eagerly awaits a leader who will embody the rich cultural heritage and values of the Igala people. The Committee’s membership inspires confidence, given their reputation for integrity, reliability, and dedication to the Igala cause. The public trusts that they will conduct a thorough and transparent process, ensuring the selection of a deserving individual who will proudly wear the crown of Onu Igala, Kabba.

According to the Committee chairman, Prince Yahaya Ameadaji, a Prince from the esteemed Achadu Oko Ata Igala (Prime Minister) ruling House, the Committee has been working diligently, holding two meetings within the first week of their inauguration. The Committee members have also reached out to almost all the Igala meetings in Kabba and it’s suburbs demonstrating their commitments to inclusivity and community engagement. The Chairman, Prince Ameadaji assured our reporters that nomination forms will soon be made available for interested contestants as the process is open to all Igala responsible sons residing in Kabba. He expressed his appreciation and immense gratitude for the united support from the Igala Community in Okunland, stating that “The Igalas in Okunland are united and ready to give us the maximum support to achieve this task.

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The Committee also expressed their heartfelt gratitude to His Royal Majesty, the Obaro of Kabba, and Members of the Traditional Council for their peaceful coexistence and hospitality with the Igala community. They equally accorded recognition and acknowledged the supportive and friendly environment created by the traditional leadership, which has fostered harmony and understanding among all stakeholders.

As the Committee sets out on this all-important assignment, the public expects a thorough and inclusive process that reflects the diverse perspectives and interests of the entire Igala in the land. The chosen candidate must possess the wisdom, charisma, and other sterling leadership qualities necessary to unite and inspire the community, promoting cultural preservation and progress.

The crowning of the first Onu Igala, Kabba is a historic moment, marking a significant milestone in the Igala community’s journey. The public eagerly anticipates the outcome of the Committee’s work, expecting a leader who will make them proud and honor the rich legacy of Igala culture.

With high expectations and optimism, the entire Igala sons and daughters looks forward to seeing the successful completion of this important task, knowing that the ordained selected leader will play a vital role in shaping their collective future.

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