Hon. Kunle Ola, Hon. Ibikunle Idowu, Yagba West as House of Assembly Member

Hon. Kunle Ola Fetes Hon. Ibikunle Idowu on His One Year of Impactful Service to Yagba West as House of Assembly Member

In a heartwarming celebration, Hon. Kunle Ola has lauded Hon. Ibikunle Idowu for his remarkable one year of dedicated and impactful service as a House of Assembly member representing Yagba West. The event, held to mark this significant milestone, highlighted the numerous contributions and achievements of Hon. Idowu in improving the lives of his constituents and fostering development in the region.
Honoring his commitment and Service
Hon. Kunle Ola, a respected community leader and advocate for development, praised Hon. Ibikunle Idowu for his unwavering commitment to the people of Yagba West. He commended Hon. Idowu’s proactive approach in addressing the needs of his constituents, from infrastructure improvements to social welfare initiatives.


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“Hon. Ibikunle Idowu has shown exceptional leadership and dedication over the past year. His efforts have not only brought tangible improvements to our community but have also inspired confidence in the future of Yagba West,” said Hon. Kunle Ola during the celebration.

Hon. Kunle Ola, Hon. Ibikunle Idowu, Yagba West as House of Assembly Member

Hon. Ibikunle Idowu’s first year in office has been marked by several key achievements:

  • Educational Support: Launched programs aimed at improving educational facilities and resources, including the renovation of schools and provision of learning materials to students.
  • Healthcare Initiatives: Facilitated the establishment of healthcare centers and improved access to medical services, ensuring better health outcomes for the residents.
  • Economic Empowerment: Implemented various schemes to support local businesses and entrepreneurs, boosting the economic vitality of the region.

In his Community engagement
Hon. Idowu has maintained a close relationship with his constituents, regularly holding town hall meetings and forums to gather feedback and address concerns. This approach has fostered a sense of trust and collaboration between the community and their representative.
Looking Forward as Hon. Ibikunle Idowu enters his second year of service, Hon. Kunle Ola expressed optimism about the continued progress and development in Yagba West. He encouraged the community to support Hon. Idowu’s initiatives and work together towards a prosperous future.

“With leaders like Hon. Ibikunle Idowu, we are on the right path to achieving significant and lasting change in Yagba West. I urge everyone to rally behind him as we continue to build a brighter and better community,” Hon. Kunle Ola concluded.

The celebration was also lauded by community members, local leaders, and dignitaries who all joined in honoring Hon. Ibikunle Idowu’s achievements and expressing their support for his ongoing efforts.

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