Kogi State University Kabba Concludes Maiden Semester Exams: VC Hails Pioneer KSU Kabba Students’ Conduct

Kogi State University Kabba Concludes first Semester Exams: VC Hails Pioneer KSU Kabba Students’ Conduct

Kogi State University, Kabba, recently celebrated the successful completion of its maiden semester examinations for the 2022/23 academic session, with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. K.I.T Eniola, commending the exemplary conduct and dedication exhibited by the institution’s pioneer students towards academic excellence. The commendation was made during a media parley held in Kabba on Friday, where Prof. Eniola praised the students for their unwavering commitment to both learning and character development.

The first semester examination, which concluded on Friday, was described by Prof. Eniola as seamless, highlighting the absence of any significant challenges that could hinder the examination process. This success, according to the Vice-Chancellor, not only reflects the university’s progress but also dispels any misconceptions regarding political interference within the institution.


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Prof. Eniola took the opportunity to acknowledge and commend the collaborative efforts of both the lecturers and non-academic staff of the university. He praised their professionalism and dedication, which contributed significantly to the smooth conduct of the maiden semester examination.

The pioneer students, expressing their excitement and satisfaction at the conclusion of the exams, shared their positive experiences. David Alimoke, a 100 level student majoring in English and Literature Studies, specifically praised the professional conduct of the lecturers and emphasized the nurturing relationship between the staff and students, likening it to a supportive parent-child bond.

Similarly, David Fortune, a 100 level Mass Communication student, echoed the sentiments of satisfaction and praised the overall conduct of the first semester exam, reflecting the positive sentiment prevalent among the student body.

Looking ahead, Prof. Eniola announced the university’s strategic plans to embrace digital transformation fully. This includes comprehensive ICT training programs tailored for all staff members. Additionally, the institution is gearing up to launch a remedial program, complementing the successful operation of the IJMB center in Kabba town.

In addressing the challenges faced by students, particularly regarding transportation and accommodation, Prof. Eniola assured that concrete solutions are already in progress. He mentioned the imminent procurement of coaster buses to augment the existing transport system, and he also lauded the hospitality of the host communities, which plays a pivotal role in providing a conducive and comfortable living environment for the students.

The Registrar of the school, Dr. Joel Usman Amodu, extended gratitude to former Governor Yahaya Bello for the establishment of the institution. He also commended Governor Usman Ododo for his unwavering support and continuous efforts towards the growth and development of Kogi State University, Kabba. These efforts, coupled with the dedication of the students and staff, mark a promising trajectory for the university’s future endeavors.

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