Governor Ododo Takes Firm Stand Against Attacks on Students in Kogi State

Governor Ododo Takes Firm Stand Against Attacks on Students in Kogi State

Earlier today, a significant step was taken in response to the disturbing wave of violence targeting students in Felele, Lokoja. A student delegation from the National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS) and the Association of Nigeria Female Students (ANFS) met with Governor Ododo to address these alarming incidents.

Governor Ododo, in a resolute statement, vehemently condemned the recent attacks perpetrated by thugs and cultists. He expressed deep concern over the safety of students and emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue.

In response to these reprehensible acts, Governor Ododo has taken decisive action by directing the formation of a committee comprising relevant authorities and security personnel. This committee’s mandate is clear: conduct a thorough investigation, swiftly identify those responsible, and put an immediate end to these distressing incidents.

The governor’s message to the perpetrators is unequivocal: an immediate cessation and retreat are demanded. There will be no leniency for anyone caught in these acts of terror. Kogi State stands firm against cultism and thuggery, sending a clear message that such behavior has no place in the state.

To the students affected by these attacks, Governor Ododo reassures them that they are not alone. He reaffirmed his deep commitment to their safety and well-being. The governor pledged to utilize all necessary resources to apprehend the perpetrators, ensure they face the full extent of the law, and guarantee the continued safety of every student in Kogi State.

This proactive and decisive stance by Governor Ododo sends a strong message that the safety and security of students are paramount. It also underscores the government’s determination to root out criminal elements and create a safe environment for all residents of Kogi State.

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