Chieftaincy: Crisis Looms as Oba Owoniyi is set to impose the wrong choice against the existing arrangement in Bolorunduro Otu Community 

Oba Bolorunduro Otu, Don’t shortchange us, Ijemu Royal Family tells Obaro Owoniyi

The Ijemu Royal Family of Odolu group in Kabba District of Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi State has called on Oba Solomon Owoniyi not to allow anyone to deceive him to shortchange the family whose turn it is to produce the Oba of Bolorunduro-Otu after the demise of the immediate past king of the community.

This was disclosed in a press statement signed by both the family head and secretary, Pa Jeremiah Ola Obafoke and Mr Adekunle Opeu respectively in the community, stressing that the accession of the rotational arrangement for the stool of Oba Bolorunduro Otu community predates everyone that is around now.

According to the statement, all arrangements has been concluded and a candidate has emerged in High Chief, Augustine Ojo Dada, Obayele of Oweland
but they were surprised that the Obaro set up another kangaroo committee to shortchange the family.

“We are surprised that the same Obaro who emerged through rotational arrangement is kicking against same in our community’ 
It is unheard of that the Obaro will support an arrangement to impose a wrongful candidate on our community. Ogbagi Royal family who just left after 27 yrs of their reign, want to return which is against the existing arrangement in the community”

“We will resist any attempt by anyone to use the Obaro of Kabba to intimidate or harass us to let go of our family heritage in Bolorunduro – Otu” 

They urged the Obaro to recognize their early submission of their candidate, High Chief Augustine Ojo Dada, Obayele of Oweland who emerged through due process in compliance with the 2001 Kabba-Bunu Local Government Bylaw on Chieftaincy 

According to impeccable source within the community, there are three families that have rights to the stool (Irasi Royal Family, Ogbagi Royal Family and Ijemu Royal Family) and it is even on record that at a time Odogba Royal family from Kabba group was also king of the community.

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