Kabba-Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman ,Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael, Host NGSA Team Of Geoscientists In Kabba

Kabba-Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael Host NGSA Team Of Geoscientists In Kabba

As Engineer Umaru seeks collaboration with FG, communities to regulate mining

The Nigerian Geological Survey Agency is a parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development. The Agency has the statutory role of providing relevant and up-to-date geosciences information necessary for economic development of Nigeria.

The Caretaker Chairman Kabba-Bunu LGA, Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael who was ably represented by the Local Government Secretary, Hon Oyenibi Omojola Sunday (Ajon), receives a team of Geoscientists from Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA) who is charged with the responsibility of carrying geological mapping and mineral evaluation within the Ayegunle Igun area in Kabba Bunu LGA and it’s environs of Kogi State.

Kabba-Bunu LGA Caretaker Chairman ,Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael, Host NGSA Team Of Geoscientists In Kabba

This is inline with the federal government’s economic diversification policy under the “Renewed Hope Agenda”, it’s aimed at carrying out detailed geological investigations, including analytical and laboratory works, photo geology and other interpretations, core drilling, well-logging, geo-statistics and other mineral calculations as estimations, and valuation.



Also, is to promote the search for and exploitation of minerals in Nigeria by developing a comprehensive and integrated collection and dissemination of knowledge of geology, geo-chemistry, geophysics, engineering geology, economic geology, geochronology, marine geology and geomagnetism.

As the Tinubu-led administration remains poised to diversify the economy through the solid minerals sector, the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, NGSA, on Thursday, disclosed geological mapping of Ayegunle 1:100,000 sheet 226 Kogi State.

Umaru Bature said with this Map, Nigeria is at par with her counterparts across the world and this makes it easier for mineral exploration in the country

He further stated that investors would be more attracted to the Nigerian solid minerals sector as the map would be a guide to their activities and enhance their operation on exploration and exploitation.

He said it is important to provide vital information needed to allow people to come into the sector.

However, he added that data is a continuous processing and NGSA will keep on generating data.

The council secretary emphasized that the only way the present administration can fulfil its promise to provide 50m jobs, is through the industrialization of all sectors of the economy, especially mining and steel development.

Kogi State is recognised as having one of Nigeria’s largest solid minerals deposits.

Engineer Umaru expressed satisfaction with the caretaker chairman willingness to collaborate in this regard by pledging his support for the agency.

Furthermore, he stressed that the governors’ support is pivotal to NGSA’s ability to fulfill its geological mapping and mineral evaluation mandate for state-level industrial development.


Comr Omofa John
SA on New Media To The Caretaker Chairman Kabba-Bunu LGA

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