Kabba-Bunu LGA: Zacchaeus’s Wealth of Development Initiatives

Kabba-Bunu LGA: Zacchaeus’s Wealth of Development Initiatives

When Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael was appointed Caretaker Chairman of Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area, there were some hopes and some doubts concerning how well he will fare in office. Pessimism and optimism ran neck and neck.

However since his appointment, it is fair to say that Barr Zacchaeus Dare Michael has largely been successful in reducing loud skeptical voices to inaudible whispers. He didn’t take the dishonorable lane of excuses. Rather, he decided to hit the ground running. His groundbreaking performances in the works sector have sent Zacchaeus’s approval ratings skyrocketing.

Kabba-Bunu LGA Secretariat was once a structure to be proud of but any form of beauty it possessed upon construction had been harshly beaten off by time.

Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael tour round the local government secretariats in company with the local government management team and the state of the structure was an eyesore. They also agreed that it needed extreme makeover or total renovation.

Kabba-Bunu LGA: Zacchaeus’s Wealth of Development Initiatives

Upon assumption of office, Zacchaeus wasted no time in ensuring that the secretariat received some form of make up and began the renovation of a much more befitting secretariat complex at an awesome pace. The project will not only provide adequate and convenient working environment for the workers and also improved the image of the local government before its contemporaries.

The Zacchaeus Dare Michael led administration has scored high in the area of security, health and works.

Hon (Barr.) Zacchaeus Dare Michael has surpassed a lot of expectations and has deep inside him abundant wealth of administrative initiatives.


Omofa John
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