Chieftaincy: Crisis Looms as Oba Owoniyi is set to impose the wrong choice against the existing arrangement in Bolorunduro Otu Community 

Kabba People are not cowards, we deserve the SSG more, Advises Mrs Ayoade Arike to dissociate herself from Group 

A group known as Kabba Youths Political Emancipation (KYPE) has read with dismay in social media wherein the former Speaker, Matthew Kolawole is being attacked on an issue that is in the public domain on the deliberate exclusion of the Kabba community in the scheme of things politically being the headquarters of Kogi West and Okun nation that have remained consistent with the All Progressives Congress since the establishment of the party, stressing that Okun Unity and Progressive Group should have allowed the sleeping dogs to lie.

This was disclosed in a message signed by Adewale Olowoshagba on behalf of KYPE and made available to journalists in Lokoja in reaction to the purported press statement issued by Okun Unity and Progressive Group claiming to be supporting Mrs Ayoade Arike, the Secretary to the Kogi State Government and insulting the sensibility of the noble people of Kabba Owe community.

Kabba People are not cowards, we deserve the SSG more, Advises Mrs Ayoade Arike to dissociate herself from Group 

According to them, they would have not bothered to dignify the baseless press statement that has further exposed their inadequacies with any reply but to let them know that Kabba people are proud of who they are and that they are not cowards any day, any time.

“We would have not bothered to join issues with the group but it has become imperative to let them know that Prince Matthew Kolawole is not their problem but the injustice in the appointment of key officers in the administration of Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman, excluding Kabba Owe community in that category in the state, is seen as a great  injustice that if not addressed appropriately, could lead the party to suffer defeat in the nearest future”

Olowoshagba said it is laughable and seen as a great insult to the people of Kabba Oweland for the faceless group to be saying that the position of SSG is for serious people and technocrats and not for mediocre or political reward seats, pointed out that Kabba people will not take this nonsense, saying that the community that has produced, still producing great men and women like professors, globally reputable surgeons, an outstanding technocrats, accomplished military, paramilitary men and women, Cardinal emeritus will not have a qualified individual to hold the position of SSG in Kogi state, stressing that it is unfortunate and they expect Mrs Ayoade Arike to dissociate herself from the faceless group.

He further noted that the Coordinator of the group Comrade Grace Atolagbe may not understand what she is saying that the position of SSG is not for political rewards, pointing out that if all local government areas in the state lost to the opposition party like Yagba East, the home local government of Mrs Ayoade Arike lost to the ADC, which government will appoint her SSG based on merit? If APC did not win November 11, like Kabba and by extension Kabba-Bunu won overwhelmingly for Ododo/Joel mandate, would there be Governor Ododo let alone his appointing her?

“I think it is better to allow the sleeping dogs to lie, as where they are dragging themselves to may no longer be comfortable for them, taking Kolawole as the subject of attack will never hide the fact that the Kabba community is being marginalised in the scheme of things politically under Governor Ododo Ahmed Usman. This is a situation where monkey dey work baboon dey chop,  abi is this the kind of reward system Governor Ododo promised during the electioneering period?”

“Kabba people would ever be grateful to the immediate past Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello who graciously established Kogi State University in Kabba, but that shouldn’t take away our political relevance in the state, because the citadel of learning is for the entire state hence it is very important for the people to also have a representative in the cabinet that will make their yearnings and aspirations known to the government anytime such arises”

He said Kabba deserves it more because the community have not been opportune to produce the SSG, Deputy Governor, Governor at the state level, while at the federal level, they have not been Ministers and only have a taste of the Senate for 3 months in 1983 with late Senator Joseph Obasaju whereas Yagba has produced, Acting Governor, Deputy Governors, Speakers, Ministers, Senators and currently holding the Senate seat for the district, pointing out that the people will continue to talk until the right thing is done.

He said the government and APC at the state level should not be carried away with the fact it is one royal father that made the party to win in Kabba during the November 11 Governorship election, stressing that it was a unanimous decision of the people that resulted to the overwhelming victory of the party, that if Kabba people are taking for granted, they might withdraw their support and give it to any party that is ready for them

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