Professor Olarewaju O. Ifatimehin Celebrates Hon. Wemi Jones’ Return to Education Ministry

Assembly Clears Hon. Wemi Jones, Says I’m out for more work

In a triumphant return to the helm of Kogi State’s Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Hon. Wemi Jones has found an ardent supporter in the form of Professor Olarewaju O. Ifatimehin. With poetic eloquence, Professor Ifatimehin celebrates Jones’ reappointment as Commissioner, weaving words that resonate with the profound impact expected in the realms of education, science, and technology.

Professor O. O. Ifatimehin
Director of Academic Planning
Kogi State University Kabba, KSUK

Professor Olarewaju O. Ifatimehin
Director of Academic Planning
KSU, Kabba

Hon. Wemi Jones: More work Ahead
To Hon. Wemi Jones, a steward steadfast,
In the realm of wisdom, your die is cast.
Reappointed Commissioner, a journey prolonged,
The reward for hard work, a melody unsung.

In the crucible of progress, you’re forged and refined,
A luminary of knowledge, in every bind.
Education, Science, Technology in your sway,
The reward for hard work, dawns a brand-new day.

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As the ink of reappointment signs your fate,
A chorus of duties, an opus intricate.
The mantle of responsibility, heavier it seems,
The reward for hard work, amplifies your dreams.

In the nexus of Science, where wonders unfold,
And the corridors of Education, where tales are told,
Technology’s embrace, a dance in the light,
The reward for hard work, an unyielding might.

Through trials and triumphs, you’ve carved your name,
In the annals of service, a luminescent flame.
For the honour bestowed, and the trust reposed,
The reward for hard work, in your dedication, enclosed.

As the baton passes, responsibilities cascade,
In the grand tapestry of progress, a new chapter laid.
The reward for hard work, a ceaseless surge,
Hon. Wemi Jones, in this sacred verge.

May your tenure be a canvas of innovation,
A symphony of growth, a boundless creation.
For the reward for hard work is not in vain,
It’s the privilege to serve, amid joy and strain.

In the corridors of Education, Science, and Tech,
Hon. Wemi Jones, your legacy we’ll trek.
For the reward for hard work, your journey begins,
Commissioner once more, as the melody spins.

Kogi State University, Kabba salutes you,
We juba, buga and twe twe to the melodies,
All hail Hon. Wemi Jones, you stand tall as your stewardship,
Gracias for your work! More work ahead.

Professor Olarewaju O. Ifatimehin

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