Pastor Timilehin Aroniyo Zacchaeus- PTAZ Congratulates Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) and Hon Wemi Jones on Reappointment

Pastor Timilehin Aroniyo Zacchaeus- PTAZ, the former President of BUNU INITIATIVE GENERATION (BIG), extends heartfelt congratulations to Hon Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) on their well-deserved reappointments to key government positions. Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) has been reinstated as the State Security Adviser, while Hon Wemi Jones resumes his role as Commissioner of the State Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.

Pastor Timilehin Aroniyo Zacchaeus- PTAZ

In praising the reappointments, Pastor Timilehin commends the exemplary service and unwavering dedication of Honorable Jones to the advancement of education and technological innovation within Kogi State. Governor Ododo’s decision to reinstate Honorable Jones is seen as a clear vision for progress and a commitment to leveraging talent and experience for the collective benefit of the state.

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Pastor Timilehin Aroniyo Zacchaeus- PTAZ acknowledges the notable contributions of both Honorable Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) during their previous tenures under the administration of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello. He recognizes the precedence they have set and the exemplary leadership traits demonstrated in delivering service and good governance according to the people’s needs.

Expressing confidence in Honorable Jones, Pastor Timilehin believes in Jones’ capacity to continue delivering tangible results for the state’s education sector. Additionally, he expects Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) to enhance the security measures in Kogi State, building on the groundwork laid during his previous tenure.

“You have both set precedence and demonstrated exemplary leadership traits by delivering service and good governance according to the peopleโ€™s needs during your tenure as commissioner and state security adviser, which I believe earned you this position,” affirms Aroniyo Zacchaeus Timilehin.

In conclusion, Pastor Timilehin congratulatory message not only celebrates the reappointments but also underscores the confidence in the continued positive impact that Hon Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara (Rtd) will bring to their respective roles, contributing to the overall development and prosperity of Kogi State.

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