Hon Sunday Faleke Set to Redefine Leadership in Ijumu - Lanre Obalaja

Hon Sunday Faleke Set to Redefine Leadership in Ijumu – Lanre Obalaja

In a recent congratulatory message, Lanre Obalaja, a close ally of Hon Sunday Faleke, expressed optimism that the newly appointed Commissioner for Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs would redefine leadership not only in his office but also in Ijumu Local Government (LG) area. As the Senior Legislative Assistant to the immediate Past House of Assembly member representing Ijumu, Obalaja conveyed his appreciation to Kogi State Governor Alhaji Usman Ododo for selecting Faleke for this crucial position, affirming that he is indeed a round peg in a round hole.

Hon Sunday Faleke, a seasoned politician, now assumes the responsibility of overseeing Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs in the state. His appointment has garnered praise from associates like Lanre Obalaja, who recognizes Faleke’s track record in previous roles and trusts him to bring positive change to the people.

Hon Sunday Faleke Set to Redefine Leadership in Ijumu - Lanre Obalaja

In his congratulatory message, Lanre Obalaja not only expressed gratitude to Governor Ododo for the appointment but also shared his confidence in Hon Sunday Faleke’s ability to deliver tangible benefits to the residents. Obalaja emphasized the importance of redefining leadership, urging Faleke to bring his expertise and commitment to his new assignment.


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As a leader who has consistently demonstrated dedication to public service, Faleke is no stranger to impactful governance. Lanre Obalaja’s call for him to redefine leadership serves as a reminder of the expectations placed on public officials to prioritize the welfare and development of their constituencies.

That Ijumu Local Government area holds a special place in this narrative, as Lanre Obalaja specifically urged Hon Sunday Faleke to extend his leadership redefinition efforts to this beloved local government. Residents of Ijumu can anticipate positive changes under Faleke’s guidance, given his proven track record in previous roles.

In conclusion, as Hon Sunday Faleke takes on his new role as Commissioner for Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, the call from Lanre Obalaja serves as a rallying cry for leadership that prioritizes the people’s welfare and redefines the standards of governance. The residents of Ijumu and Kogi State as a whole are hopeful that Faleke will continue to exemplify the qualities of a true public servant, bringing about positive transformation in his capacity as commissioner.

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