Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP Congratulates Hon Wemi Jones and Comdr Jerry Omodara rtd on Reappointment

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP Congratulates Hon Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara rtd on Reappointment

In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation and support, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP extends his congratulations to Hon Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara rtd on their reappointment to significant positions within the government. The esteemed pastor expresses sincere gratitude to the Governor for the honor bestowed upon these individuals, acknowledging their experience, hard work, and capability.

Describing Wemi Jones and Jerry Omodara as “very experienced, hardworking, and capable,” Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP expresses his joy at the Governor recognizing their worthiness for such vital roles in the government. He conveys optimism about the capabilities of the state security adviser, citing his past achievements as a decent, intelligent security expert, and a pragmatic politician.

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP

While congratulating Hon Wemi Jones on his reappointment, the pastor highlights it as a notable recognition of steadfastness, political maturity, and high-level integrity. In a conversation with Gbamsblog news correspondent Mr. Bamidele Gbekele iyanu, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP emphasizes the call to serve and expresses trust in the duo’s capacities to achieve significant success in their new assignments, just as they have done in previous roles.

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP commends Hon Wemi Jones and Cdr Jerry Omodara rtd for their exemplary representation of Bunuland in the past administration, expressing confidence that they will continue to excel in their reappointed positions. He concludes with a heartfelt prayer, saying God Almighty to guide and support them in their assignments, providing the knowledge required for success.

Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP charged Hon. Wemi Jones and Cdr. Jerry Omodara, retired, to foster greater unity, courage, and daring in their respective roles. He commended both individuals for their efforts in promoting youth employment in Bunuland, acknowledging their positive contributions to the community.

Furthermore, Pastor OLUBATO encouraged them to prioritize physical development in the Bunuland axis, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the growth and enhancement of the local infrastructure. He reminded them that home is a foundation that deserves attention and development, urging a concentrated effort in this regard for the overall betterment of Bunuland.

As these dedicated individuals embark on their new responsibilities, Pastor Samuel OLUBATO JP’s words echo a spirit of optimism, trust, and faith in their ability to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of their community and the state at large.

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