Kogi State University Kabba Announces Commencement of Tuition Payment

Kogi State University Kabba Announces Commencement of Tuition Payment

In a recent development, Kogi State University Kabba has officially approved the commencement of tuition fee payments for the upcoming academic session. The Bursar, in a memo addressed to all students, provided details on the payment process, including the designated school account and the respective fees for various programs.

Programs and Tuition Fees:

1. Faculty of Arts & Humanities:
   – B.A. History and Diplomatic Studies: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.A. English Language and Literature: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.A. Film Production: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.A. Linguistics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Accounting: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Economics: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.A. Music: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.A. Theatre Arts: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)

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2. Faculty of Management, Administration, and Social Sciences:
   – B.Sc Business Administration: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – BSC Finance: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Political Science: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Public Administration: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Geography: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Mass Communication: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)

3. Faculty of Science and Computing Studies:
   – B.Sc Biochemistry: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – BSc Biotechnology: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – BSC Chemistry / Industrial Chemistry: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Computer Science: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – BSC Cyber Security: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Geology: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Microbiology: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Mathematics: N80,000.00 (Indigene) / N180,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Statistics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)
   – B.Sc Physics: N100,000.00 (Indigene) / N200,050.00 (Non-Indigene)

Payment Details:
– Indigene Students: Payments range from N80,000.00 to N100,000.00 depending on the program.
– Non-Indigene Students: Payments range from N180,050.00 to N200,050.00 depending on the program.

Account name ; Kogi State University Kabba School fees Account First Bank of Nigeria Plc Bank name ; Account Number ; 2043419304

Students are urged to promptly initiate their fee payments into the provided school account to ensure a smooth registration process for the upcoming academic session. This announcement serves as a crucial step in the university’s commitment to maintaining financial transparency and facilitating an efficient educational environment for its students.

Kogi State University Kabba Announces Commencement of Tuition Payment


Dear student, kindly proceed with payment of your school fees at the designated bank and obtain payment teller for same. Endeavor to visit the Bursary unit to convert your teller to receipt.

Accept the warmest compliments of the Vice Chancellor and members of Management.

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