Ajagun Commends Gov. Yahaya Bello On The Establishment of Kogi State University, Kabba

Ajagun Commends Gov. Yahaya Bello On The Establishment of Kogi State University, Kabba

Comrade Ajagun Opeyemi Samuel, widely recognized as Okun Boy, has extended his heartfelt commendation to Governor Yahaya Bello for the monumental achievement of establishing a university in the heart of Okun Land.

A former chairmanship candidate and social commentator, Ajagun expressed deep appreciation for Governor Bello’s role in realizing a long-cherished dream of the Okun people. He asserted that the establishment of the university represents a collective triumph for every son and daughter of Okun Land, symbolizing a historic moment that Governor Bello has indelibly etched into the annals of the region.

Ajagun Commends Gov. Yahaya Bello On The Establishment of Kogi State University, Kabba

Ajagun articulated his conviction that the presence of a university in Okun Land will be a catalyst for unpreced ented social, economic, and educational growth. Envisioning the institution as a melting pot that attracts students and staff from various states and geo-political zones, he underscores the potential for diverse perspectives and knowledge exchange. Governor Bello’s foresight and commitment to this project, as highlighted by Ajagun, affirm his dedication to the holistic development of Okunland.


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In acknowledging the achievement, Ajagun specifically lauds the instrumental role played by the Commissioner of Education, Hon. Wemi Jones, describing him as a key architect of this transformative endeavor, he attributed the success of the university’s establishment to Hon. Wemi Jones’s unwavering dedication and strategic leadership. He predicted that history will remember and honor Hon. Wemi Jones for his pivotal role in bringing this long-awaited dream to fruition.

Transitioning to broader aspects of Governor Bello’s administration, Ajagun reflects on the recent assent to the Kogi State Free Examination Registration Bill. He interprets this move as a testament to Governor Bello’s commitment to education and the welfare of the youth. According to Ajagun, these actions underscore the governor’s determination to leave a lasting positive impact on the educational landscape of Kogi State.

Ajagun asserted that the governor has shattered the pre-existing perceptions of poor governance in Kogi State. He acknowledged that challenges in Bello’s first term may have been a distraction, but the transformative initiatives such as the Kogi rice mill, reference hospitals across senatorial zones, the Confluence University of Science and Technology, the Lokoja flyover bridge, and Kogi State University in Kabba, etc, collectively depict Governor Yahaya Bello as the visionary architect of a modernized Kogi State.

In conclusion, Ajagun’s extensive praise and detailed analysis emphasized the multifaceted impact of Governor Bello’s governance, ranging from educational advancements to infrastructural development. The narrative pointed out by Ajagun positions Governor Yahaya Bello as a leader who has not only fulfilled specific promises but has also surpassed expectations to become a trailblazer in the socio-economic transformation of Kogi State.

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