Kogi State University Kabba; A Catalyst for Real Development

Kogi State University Kabba;
A Catalyst for Real Development.

In a remarkable achievement for the town of Kabba and the Okun community, Hon. Abayomi Bello extends his heartfelt congratulations to the Obaro of Kabba, the leadership and members of the Kabba Development Union, and the entire Kabba-Owe community on the successful matriculation of the first set of students into the newly established Kogi State University Kabba. He describes it as truly a dream come true.

Hon. Abayomi Bello commends the outgoing governor of Kogi State for fulfilling his promise and ensuring the timely establishment of the university, as well as its successful takeoff. This historic milestone will forever be remembered by the Kabba community and the Okun nation as a significant turning point in their pursuit of educational excellence as well as real development.

Kogi State University Kabba; A Catalyst for Real Development

The former House of Representatives candidate also commends all those who tirelessly contributed to making this dream a reality. Their unwavering dedication and support have undoubtedly propelled the establishment of Kogi State University Kabba.

Hon. Abayomi Bello encourages all applicants within the community and its environs to seize the opportunity presented by this privileged institution, now conveniently at their doorstep. With the presence of such a promising educational facility, he urges students to raise the standard and set an admirable example for those who will follow in their footsteps.

As Kabba basks in this triumph, let us remember the resilience, disbelief, as well as belief, and unity that has brought us all to this point. Let us also be cognizant of the value chain created and its impact on our local economy l, as highlighted by a writer that goes by the pseudo ‘power sector perspectives’ in one of the university groups;
-Real estate value appreciation;

  • blooming logistics and transport sector ;
  • expanding mercantile systems ;
  • bolder imprint of Kabba, Okun land and Kogi State on the world map;
  • influx of people of diverse persuasions to the land, hopefully enriching the cultural outlook;
  • easier access to tertiary education by both young and old… amongst others.

Finally, may the inauguration of Kogi State University Kabba serve as a stepping stone towards a brighter future, filled with endless possibilities, progress, and prosperity for Owe and the entire Okunland community.

Abayomi Bello
SDP Chieftain


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