Kabba Bunu Caretaker Chairman Makes Fresh Appointments

Kabba-Bunu LGA: Caretaker Chairman Barr. Dare walking the talk, hitting the ground running and setting new records

When Barr. Dare Zaccheaus was appointed and subsequently, inaugurated as the Caretaker Chairman, Kabba-Bunu LG, some of us who are conversant with his penchant for excellence, precocious hard-working potentials and resourcefulness knew that the LG will, in no distant time, witness accelerated growth and change, monumental strides and never- before administrative ingenuity.

Less than a week into the saddle, our optimism and positive mien about the “New Sheriff” in town hasn’t changed neither has it been misplaced by his actions.

Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on Caretaker Chairman

Prior to his appointment as Caretaker Chair, the handlers of our once dear LG had been seemingly overwhelmed and lacking the political will to taking the local government to new heights. To be precise, nothing seems to work.

This could be
further highlighted by the lackadaisical attitude of the ill – motivated workers.

To say their was an administrative collapse of the LG is stating the obvious under the immediate past handlers.

Today, a new breed with fresh ideas and innovations have taken charge and almost immediately, changing the narratives.

The workers have been motivated and advised to take their work seriously. They have been assured of better and improved working conditions as resources permit.

The synergy between the workers and their Boss has been restored in the new hope mantra of this administration. For a moment, there is a new lease of life between servant- leadership.

The once upon a time bushy Kabba-Bunu LG is now wearing a new look, courtesy of the proactive Barr. 501.

Some of the bureaucratic bottlenecks that has been the bane of the local government is been revisited. Urgent actions are been taken for the administrative components to start providing quality and cost – beneficial service delivery to the good people of Kabba-Bunu LGA.

For instance, the LG Boss has met with the management team of National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). Their deliberations was fruitful and he use the avenue to urge the Commission to stop the monumental extortions from the people.

For a fact, Barr. Dare Zaccheaus Michael have shown clearly that he is well prepared for the task ahead, he has the required experience to navigate through the thorny issues and posseses the political will to lead our dear local government.

From all the indices, it is, pertinent to say, that Barr. 501 will surely change the narratives and we shall all experience a paradigm shift from the old order in Kabba-Bunu LGA.

Tony Oloniruha,
14th January,2024.

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