Kabba Bunu Caretaker Chairman Makes Fresh Appointments

The political landscape of Kabba Bunu Local Government Area (LGA) is witnessing a new chapter as the Caretaker Chairman, Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Michael, recently announced the appointment of his official aides. The move is poised to infuse fresh energy and commitment into the local administration and the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Barr. Dare Zacchaeus The Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Kogi State on Thrift and Credit Union Regulations, Hon Stephen Femi Owoniyi (Omoga) congratulate Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on his appointment as the caretaker chairman of Kabba/bunu local government

Caretaker Chairman, Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Michael

In a statement released to the press, Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Michael emphasized the importance of unwavering dedication and commitment to the directives laid out by his office. He urged the newly appointed officials to prioritize the interests of the Local Government and the APC, setting a tone for the collective responsibility expected from his team.


Hon. Wemi Jones, FCIB, Hosts Newly Appointed Caretaker Chairman, Hon. Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Michael

Highlighting the significance of meritocracy, the Caretaker Chairman underlined that the appointments were made based on merit, taking into consideration the appointees’ consistent dedication and commitment to the party’s ideals. This emphasis on meritocracy reflects a commitment to fostering a team of individuals who can contribute meaningfully to the development and progress of Kabba Bunu LGA.

The Caretaker Chairman did not mince words when addressing the issue of misconduct, making it clear that any lapses in behavior or performance would not be tolerated. This stern stance underscores the need for a disciplined and accountable team to execute the responsibilities entrusted to them.

The newly appointed personal aides represent a diverse set of roles crucial to the effective functioning of the local administration. The lineup includes:

1. Hon. Emmanuel Aiyeditan – Chief of Staff
2. OJO LIVINGPROOF SAMSON – Personal Assistant
3. Comrade Gbenga Ajayi– SA Media
4. Hon. Joel Oni Jacob– S.A Security
5. Abraham Femi– S.A Special Duties
6. Olu Isaac (PAKABURIN)– S.A Domestic
7. Hon. Idowu Thomas Gift– S.A Women Affairs
8. Dare Austin Olonikadi – S.A Youth Empowerment
9. Comrade Omofa John– S.A New Media

Each appointee brings a unique set of skills and experiences to their respective roles, with the common thread being their demonstrated commitment to the party’s values. The appointments signal a strategic effort to assemble a team that can collectively address the multifaceted challenges faced by Kabba Bunu LGA.

As the newly appointed officials assume their responsibilities, all eyes will be on Kabba Bunu, anticipating positive developments under the leadership of Barr. Zacchaeus Dare Michael and his carefully selected team. The success of this team will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the trajectory of the local government and the political dynamics within the APC in the region.

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