Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on Caretaker Chairman
Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on Caretaker Chairman

Hon. Seyi Bello Extends Congratulations to Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on Caretaker Chairman Appointment in Kabba Bunu Local Government

In a gesture of goodwill and unity, Hon. Seyi Victor Bello extends his sincere congratulations to Barr. Dare Zacchaeus on his recent appointment as the Caretaker Chairman of Kabba Bunu Local Government. The announcement reflects the trust and confidence placed in Barr. Zacchaeus’s leadership capabilities.

Hon. Bello, the Member representing Kabba Bunu in the State House of Assembly and Deputy Chief Whip, applauds the choice of Barr. Zacchaeus for this crucial role. In a statement, he expresses unwavering support for the newly appointed Caretaker Chairman, reaffirming his commitment to collaborating for the betterment of Kabba Bunu.

The endorsement from Hon. Bello not only acknowledges the individual qualities of Barr. Zacchaeus but also signifies a broader commitment to fostering unity within the local government. It highlights the importance of working together to address the diverse needs and challenges facing the community.

“I extend my full support to Barr. Dare Zacchaeus during this significant tenure,” declares Hon. Bello. This statement underlines the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that Hon. Bello aims to foster within Kabba Bunu, emphasizing the collective responsibility of ensuring a successful and productive term for the new Caretaker Chairman.

Moreover, the Member of the State House of Assembly underscores the critical role of collaboration in achieving meaningful dividends of democracy for Kabba Bunu. He urges all local government workers and indigenes to unite and work harmoniously with the present government, viewing this joint effort as essential for the progress and development of the region.

In conclusion, Hon. Seyi Victor Bello’s congratulatory message not only celebrates the appointment of Barr. Dare Zacchaeus but also signals a call for unity and collaboration within Kabba Bunu Local Government. As a representative deeply invested in the well-being of his constituency, Hon. Bello’s support sets a positive tone for a period of effective and impactful governance under the leadership of Barr. Zacchaeus.

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