The latest visit by Kogi state Governor-elect, Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman,FCA to the Abuja home of Hon.(Elder) Leke Abejide, ADC candidate in the last guber election has raised shades of opinion from different quarters, although the larger chunk of the commentaries are of commendation and praises for the rare political comraderie and Inclusivity displayed by His Excellency, as against the common practice of winner takes it all in our contemporary political space.

His Excellency has once again demonstrated in clear terms that he understands what it takes to be an executive governor. He’s aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with the appellation “Father of the state.” His visit to the candidate of ADC in the last gubernatorial election shows he’s not a positional leader but a staunch advocate of Inclusivity, peace, and unity towards engendering development for all. Such shining demeanour is surely all about the progress of the state, far above, thew tempting tendencies of victory cum political power.

Without gainsaying, It’s an unusual political gesture to see a winner in an election going all out to embrace those who dare stick out their neck to contest in the same election without plotting to intimidate or suppress using government apparatus. Rather, the Governor-elect espoused the true tenets of democratic practice, progressive politics, and emulative maturity by extending the handshake of love and olive branch to all other contestants in the election. That’s an uncommon leadership trait and a way to assume a true statehood.

His aim is to bring everyone to the table to discuss the future of the confluence state in tandem with the consolidation and continuity drive. It’s also a way of encouraging participation, where no one will be left behind on the altar of political differences. In a state where substantial development is desired, peace and unity must be seen to be promoted, and that’s what the Governor-elect has just done by defying all odds to bring in stakeholders and leaders to key into the Greater Kogi project.

The erstwhile Auditor General for Local Government has once again, with this act, reinforced his humane, spirit of sportsmanship, humble, and democratic standing. He has signalled to the end of politics with bitterness in favour of progressive ideologies. By this visit, he has amplified his commitment towards uniting the state for collective growth. Love has marginally won above hate and strive. He has shown commitment to further shatter the walls of our differences in the confluence state as started by His Excellency,Governor Yahaya Bello, CON.

There is no vestige of doubt that His Excellency,Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman, has his job well cut out for him, but the most exciting news is that he’s well prepared with the necessary administrative skills, political knowledge and clear vision to hit the ground running from the first day in office, as exemplified in his recent strategic moves and activities. He’s a worthy successor that will not only consolidate and continue with the trajectory of good governance, with him in the saddle, Kogi is on the verge of experiencing a quantum leap in all ramifications.

It can be said with great optimismism that Kogi State, under the helms of His Excellency, Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman, will blossom beyond imagination.

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