Hon. Leke Joseph Abejide

The member representing Yagba Federal Constituency and Chairman of the House Committee on Customs and Excise, Hon. Leke Abejide has sent his New Year wishes to the people of Yagba Federal Constituency and Kogi State. He assures constituents that 2024 will bring about greater relief, positive changes, and improvement.

In his New Year message, Hon. Leke Abejide expressed his gratitude to the constituents for their unwavering support while also acknowledging the challenges faced in the previous year and promising to put in more effort and involve the federal government to address the challenges of the people.

Looking ahead to 2024, Hon. Leke Abejide foresees a period of extensive growth, formidable collaboration, and positive change for the constituency. Highlighting key priorities such as enhancing infrastructure, improving healthcare, and education, and more economic empowerment initiatives.

Hon. Leke emphasizes the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving these goals for the collective benefit of the people of Yagba. He urged the people to engage with community leaders and welcome constructive feedback from constituents.

He also charged the people of Yagba and Kogi state to continue to support President Bola Tinubu-led administration and to align with its Renewed Hope Agenda, stating that the administration will benefit the people of Yagba and Kogi state through projects and developments needed.

Abejide said the legislative arm of the government is working assiduously with the executive towards ameliorating the suffering of the masses. Stressing that the implementation of the 2024 budget would also bring the needed relief and development to the country.

He extends his best wishes to all constituents, urging them to embrace the spirit of unity and community service as they embark on the journey of the New Year.
He also encourages active participation in civic activities and promises to work tirelessly to represent the interests and aspirations of the people of Yagba.

“As we bid farewell to the past year and embrace the opportunities ahead, let us reflect on the modest achievements of the past and envision a future filled with greater progress and prosperity,” he says.
“I am profoundly grateful for the trust and support of the people. Together, we have achieved significant milestones, and I am optimistic that the year 2024 will bring even more opportunities for growth and development.

“As we step into the New Year, I remain committed to fostering positive change, ensuring inclusivity, and contributing to the overall well-being of the people of Yagba Federal Constituency.

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