Housing is one of the most pressing needs of man. Standing in-between food and clothing, shelter stands out as a clear distinguishing factor between human and animals. Little wonder Abraham Maslowโ€™s five-tier model of human needs clearly captures shelter under safety and security. By 2025, 1.6 billion people are expected to be affected by the global housing shortage, according to the World Bank.

In most countries, the cost of housing has grown faster than incomes, data from the International Monetary Fund shows. In a study of 200 cities globally, 90% were found to be unaffordable to live in, with the average home costing more than three times the average income

In line with the unarguable housing challenge Nigerians are faced with and as a way to bring succour through assisting families actualise this crucial need, Leisure Court Estate established in 2015 clearly defined its mandate as that of providing excellent and affordable housing solutions to all Nigerians, including those in Diaspora irrespective of their status and economic strength.

Since then, it has gone ahead to introduce series of initiatives that daily bring thousands of families across the country closer to owning their dream homes.

One of these initiatives include, rent-to-own a plan that enables tenants become owners of their apartment after a specific period of years. It also has a mortgage system that allows low and middle income earners to acquire a property and pay over multiple number of years with zero hassle.

Its flexible payment option is unbeatable, covering wide range of persons in the social strata, both in the public and private sectors. Through its series of initiatives, this leading real estate firm has significantly contributed in the government’s fight against corruption especially in the public sector. When civil servants know they can retire to a cozy apartment in a choice location, the urge to steal public fund becomes significantly reduced.

The management of Leisure Court is peopled by a team, driven by passion to satisfy the needs of customers as it broker new grounds in daily basis across the country, bridging the burgeoning housing deficit and giving families decent livelihood through luxurious, yet highly affordable housing scheme.

It has invested heavily in understudying the models being deployed by developing countries, including Egypt, UAE even Kenya where private sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring that there is roof over everyone’s head irrespective of financial muscle.

Egypt at the moment is adopting a model of planned urban developments that integrates advanced infrastructure and ICT known as fourth-generation cities. Seen as a blueprint for sustainability in the Middle East, Egypt’s fourth-generation cities project is powered by renewable energy and smart technology, featuring the newest architecture, built through sustainable and green infrastructure, and connected through multi-modal transport networks.

Leisure Court Estate Ltd has replicated these models in its existing properties across the country, making it the first to redefine smart city in the West African sub-region through a comprehensive climate compliant technology.

It has at least 20 smart estates dotted highbrow areas of Abuja and Lagos, each defining a piece of architectural design that does not only satisfy the eye, but gives the inhabitants unquantifiable rest of mind.

From Splendor phase 1,2,3,4,5, to Mantra (Estate 3), Victory Park (Estate 4), Silicon Valley (Estate 5), Idu spring 1, Idu spring 2, Jazmin Kuje Road, Leisure Terrace, Mt. Pleasant Jikwoyi and Hillcrest Kurudu, all are beautifully designed masterpiece art works that speak to class and modernity.

That is not all. The Economic City Kwali, Jason’s court 1, Ologolo, Jason’s court 2, Lekki Conversation, Jeremy’s court 1, Surulere, Jeremy’s Court 2, Surulere, King’s Court, Off Orchid road Lekki, 7th Avenue Ibeju Lekki, Homeland Estate 1, Oshogbo, Homeland Estate 2, Oshogbo and Omoluabi Estate Akure are embedded with state-of-the-art touches that favourably compete with the best you see around the world.

Leisure Court Estate Ltd proudly stands as the best choice in anything real estate. It offers opportunity to clients to buy and live, acquire landing property, invest and rent.

It started as a vision of one man, Bldr Segun Abolaji who saw the need leave a footprint of love in the hearts of his countrymen by offering them a shoulder to place their dreams of owning a house. In just about eight years, this vision has spread like a wildfire, making the dreams of low and middle income earners a reality. As a firm that places service and professionalism over and above profit, it has created an army of landlords whose testimonies are eloquently loud.

It has well satisfied technical and admin staff who are poised to offering excellent service to clients and swiftly so. Bearing in mind the need to protect its hard-earned image, delivering every project to the satisfaction of clients is its prime target and this has been its guiding principles over the years.

Little wonder it has bagged chains of recognitions and awards from reputable organizations within and outside the country. The latest is Real Estate Company of the Year 2023, an awards bestowed on it by a renowned media organization, Stardom Global Television (SGtv).

Its capacity has waxed stronger by the year, leading to the enviable success of delivering about 1000 housing units, across Abuja and Lagos, not on paper but on the ground.

It has equally reduced pressure on the labour market by offering numerous Nigerian youths opportunity to decently make livelihood through direct and indirect employment in its various value chains.

Additionally, through the payment of taxes relevant levies, it has equally contributed to the growth of the country’s GDP, equipping the government with the capacity to build roads, hospitals, schools and other social amenities for Nigerians.

Leisure Court Estate Ltd is the sure plug for those wishing to move away from the realm of dream to reality as far as home ownership with pride and rest of mind is concerned.

Its Head Office is strategically located at No. 6B Dire Dawa Street, Off Lusaka Street, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja.

The leading real estate brand can be reached via telephone +234 807 890 0000 and email info@leisurecourt.ng while website is www.leisurecourt.ng.

Take the bold step now and live your dream.

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