General Secretary ADC Kabba-Bunu

In the heart of Kabba-Bunu, Hon. Salman Idris, the ADC member representing the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency, has garnered commendation from Mr. Ajayi Bamidele (Keke Oyinbo), the General Secretary to ADC Kabba-Bunu. This acknowledgment stems from the notable empowerment initiatives and recent distribution of palliatives orchestrated by Hon. Salman Idris for the constituents.

The generous distribution comprised a diverse array of essential items, including 20 motorcycles, 20 grinding machines, 20 generators, 38 deep freezers, 20 cameras with printers, 1 industrial sewing machine, and an impressive 6,300 bags of riceβ€”a gesture valued at hundreds of millions of naira. Mr. Ajayi Bamidele expressed his appreciation, underscoring his firsthand experience as one of the beneficiaries of this massive constituent outreach.

Highlighting the significance of such initiatives, Mr. Bamidele emphasized that Hon. Salman Idris’s administration aims to restore people’s confidence and trust in the government. He believes that tangible and credible policies implemented by Hon. Salman Idris will contribute to the well-being of the constituents.

The distribution of palliatives also played a pivotal role in alleviating the economic strain caused by subsidy removal, leading to multiple hikes in fuel pump prices and an escalation in the prices of goods and services. Mr. Bamidele commended Hon. Salman Idris for addressing the hardships faced by the community through these thoughtful measures.

Additionally, Mr. Bamidele applauded Hon. Salman Idris for allocating funds totaling 500,000 naira for the Olle road. This collaboration with the Kiri Development Association signifies a commitment to infrastructural development in Kiri Land, showcasing Hon. Salman Idris’s dedication to uplifting the overall well-being of the community.

In conclusion, the endeavors of Hon. Salman Idris have brought joy and contentment to the people of the Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu federal constituency. Mr. Ajayi Bamidele (Keke Oyinbo) expressed his gratitude for the transformative impact of these initiatives, emphasizing the positive strides made under Hon. Salman Idris’s leadership.

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