Edumo Bunu, Kogi State – December 27, 2023

In a heartwarming gesture of community spirit, Hon. Juwon Demas Olorunnipa, widely known as Jumabee, is set to host a carnival concert that promises to be a landmark event in the history of Kogi State. The festivities are poised to unfold in the vibrant locale of Edumo Bunu, where Jumabee hails from, bringing together a fusion of top-notch musical performances and a celebration of local culture.

Jumabee, recognized for his musical prowess and community-oriented initiatives, expressed his commitment to giving back to his roots through this grand carnival concert. “I will always support my people and make them happy,” he affirmed. The event is not merely a musical spectacle but a testament to the artist’s dedication to uplifting his community.

The carnival, scheduled to coincide with the 63rd annual National Conference of Bunu Students’ Union, is set to feature an impressive lineup of artists. From the chart-topping M BIG ALL STARS to the soulful melodies of Oritse Femi, the stage will be graced by an array of talents including Joeel, Mayor Michael, Hi-Speed, Igwe, Jahjah, and many more local singers. Jumabee’s vision is to create an unforgettable experience that resonates with the diverse tastes of the audience.

What sets this year’s celebration apart is the generosity of Jumabee and his team. In a move that underscores his commitment to community engagement, the carnival concert’s gate fee is waived, ensuring that everyone, regardless of economic standing, can partake in the joyous occasion. This inclusive approach aligns with the essence of community building and fosters a sense of togetherness.

The carnival concert is slated to take place at the open field in Edumo Bunu, Kabba-Bunu local government, Kogi State. The chosen location holds cultural significance and provides an expansive canvas for the festivities to unfold. Attendees can anticipate a day filled with music, dance, and a vibrant showcase of the rich cultural heritage of the region.

On December 27, 2023, all roads lead to Edumo Bunu for a carnival concert that transcends entertainment, embodying the spirit of shared joy, cultural pride, and the enduring bond of community. Jumabee’s gesture is a melody of gratitude to his people, resonating with the harmony of collective celebration and a brighter future for Edumo Bunu and beyond.

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