When the name of Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris,FCA is mentioned, what comes to mind of many is a personae that had stood in strong footing to espouse omoluabi ethos in public service, while some, will say he’s a man seriously committed to the advancement of humanity, without regard for religion, class and ethnicity. Both perspectives are very correct to adequately define the uniqueness of his person.

In his leadership voyage, both in private and public service, he has always been guided by the propensity to deliver excellence, which thrives on the values of hard work, commitment to duty, integrity and strength of character. In a perverse leadership ecosystem like ours, asiwaju has demonstrated finnese and firmness in sticking to the Sterling qualities of exemplary leadership style.

Hon. Commissioner for Finance & Budget Planning of Kogi State, Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, FCA

His foray into public office gave clarity to what selfless service truly means and the gamut of productivity that could be achieved if a best fit in terms of capacity and capability is in office. Asiwaju is an example of an exceptional public servant with his sterling performance in his mandate office, which his stark critic can not controvert, not wish away. He defines what leadership exclusively stands for – to add value in the most possible way to the system he belongs or anyone that crossed his path. He’s a value adder in no small measure, and his life oddsey is a clear testament.

When you dwell on his affinity to give succour to the despondent, hope to the hopeless and help to those who need lifting desperately , we can almost not exhaust his track records in the area of humanitarian services. One of his displays of uncommon compassion, which, until today, strikes a chord of attention and thought me a life lesson, was when a strange number kept calling his line, which he invariably picked, alas, it was a voice of a profusely crying mother whose son was a victim of snake bite. Asiwaju doesn’t know her from adam, nor has he seen her before. We immediately took off to the specialist hospital where we met the helpless mother on the floor, still crying and her son in a terrible state due to lack of money.

What did the humanitarian MAAI do?? He didn’t only empathise and showed love to the family in words. He paid in full all the hospital bills, running into a million. This is to a total stranger, but the dictate of humanity and the humane nature of MAAI made her a family, and her child was saved because he’s also a son in that regard.

It’s needless to amplify his strides in the educational sector, where his scholarship scheme has helped many students to navigate the bumpy journey of higher institutions, and today, many are graduates. His fervent attention to health issues of seekers had made him reach a partnership with a private hospital in his hometown where they can all go treatment with paying a dime. Also, his dedication to the welfare and well-being of his people has turned his house to a mecca of sort whenever he’s around. All these are testaments of a leader who places premium on the good and advancement of others beyond self consideration.

It’s like reinventing the wheel trying to reel out his youths and women empowerment strides because many of the beneficiaries are empirical testimonials of not only self-reliance but an integral part of our economic growth. Through his deliberate effort, many graduates have gained pensionable employment both at the federal and state levels. As someone who sees helping others as a necessity and way of life, making noise about his impact becomes a burden. The little mentioned here or known to be in the public glare are borne out of political necessity where your accomplishment determines your relevance cum scorecard. Without gainsaying, Asiwaju has obviously projected public office as a place for serious service to the people.

MAAI is an exceptional leader in it true sense who is a strong stickler to the values of hard work, commitment to excellence, dedication to professional ethos, rectitude in service, and an unbreakable belive in God Almight. Owing these values to heart and in practice, he has been able to grow incredibly both in his private and public service journey. Awards are not new in his journey of service anymore because he has received numerous of it in recognition of his phenomenal service.

Will I end this piece of article without touching on his rare qualities of omoluabi traits; strength of character, patience, sense of humour, peaceful disposition, and sense of humility. He’s one of the very few in public office that does not bow to the tendencies of power and spoil of office. I can category say, he’s a rare gem and a role model worthy of emulation. He’s my leader, and I am proud to have crossed paths with his like.

Today, he’s a year older and thought it important to once again emphasize his uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and his high sense of responsibility.

Please join me to extol and celebrate an embodiment of humanity and exceptional leadership on this auspicious occasion of his birthday.

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