ENGR. DAN, the State Coordinator of the KOGI WEST YOUTH DELEGATION FOR ODODO/JOEL MANDATE, extends heartfelt birthday wishes to the distinguished Hon. Commissioner for Finance & Budget Planning of Kogi State, Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, FCA.

In commemorating this special day, ENGR. DAN takes a moment to reflect on the profound impact that Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris has made in various spheres of life, particularly within the confines of Kogi State. The celebration revolves around acknowledging not just the passage of time but, more importantly, the milestones achieved and the positive influence that Hon. Commissioner Asiru Idris has exerted.

Hon. Commissioner for Finance & Budget Planning of Kogi State, Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, FCA

One of the notable aspects of Hon. Commissioner Asiru Idris’s leadership is his unwavering commitment to education. ENGR. DAN underscores the strides made in the educational sector, emphasizing the transformative effect of Asiru Idris’s scholarship scheme. This initiative has not only paved the way for numerous students to pursue higher education but has also contributed to a growing pool of graduates, poised to make meaningful contributions to society.

Furthermore, ENGR. DAN applauds Hon. Commissioner Asiru Idris’s dedication to addressing health issues within the community. The collaboration with a private hospital in his hometown, where individuals receive treatment without financial burden, speaks volumes about his compassionate approach to healthcare. This partnership demonstrates a proactive effort to ensure the well-being of the community members, showcasing Asiru Idris’s commitment to making a tangible difference.

We appreciate Hon. Commissioner Asiru Idris’s remarkable efforts in fostering the welfare and well-being of his constituents. His residence has become a symbol of solace and support for the community, emphasizing his selfless dedication to the betterment of others. ENGR. DAN portrays Asiru Idris as a leader who prioritizes the collective good and advancement of the community over personal considerations.

As Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris adds another year to his life, ENGR. DAN takes a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision, and high sense of responsibility exhibited by the Hon. Commissioner. The birthday wishes extended by ENGR. DAN resonates with the hope for many more years of good health, continued success, and prosperity in all aspects of Hon. Commissioner Asiru Idris’s life.

Honorable is a visionary leader whose positive impact reverberates through the educational, healthcare, and social fabric of Kogi State. ENGR. DAN’s birthday wishes encapsulate not just the joy of the occasion but the profound gratitude for the transformative leadership exemplified by Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris, FCA. Happy Birthday, Hon. Commissioner

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