Kogi State University, Kabba: A Digital Frontier for Education with Ambitious Admission Goals

As the Kogi State University, Kabba gears up for its inaugural academic session starting on January 8th, 2024, the enthusiasm is palpable, with a staggering number of over 3000 students vying for admission for the 2023/2024 academic calendar. The institution, situated on kilometer 6, Kabba โ€“ Okene road, Kabba, is set to redefine education through a digital-based approach.

Professor Kehinde Eniola, pioneer Vice-Chancellor

Professor Kehinde Eniola, the pioneer Vice-Chancellor, expressed his gratitude to Governor Yahaya Bello for his visionary leadership in establishing the university, fulfilling the educational aspirations of the people of Okunland. Emphasizing the institution’s readiness, he highlighted the smooth journey leading up to the commencement.

Within a mere three days of opening admission portals, the university surpassed the initial 500-student quota set by the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC). Professor Eniola revealed that the new target is 1500 students, yet the campus facilities can accommodate over two thousand for takeoff.

Addressing challenges, particularly accommodation and transportation, Professor Eniola disclosed plans for collaborative efforts with the Senate of the institution, the Obaro of Kabba, and the Kabba Development Union. These efforts aim to address issues promptly and ensure a conducive environment for both students and staff.

To mitigate accommodation challenges, the university plans to partner with development partners for affordable hostel accommodations, positioning itself as an intermediary for the students’ welfare. The Vice-Chancellor also stressed the importance of ICT compliance for both teaching and non-teaching staff, acknowledging the digital-native nature of the incoming students.

Regarding security, Professor Eniola assured the community that Governor Yahaya Bello’s security-conscious approach, coupled with support from local agencies like Mopol 70, and the generally peaceful environment, ensures a safe campus.

The university’s commitment to digital education was underlined by Professor Eniola, emphasizing the implementation of ICT training for staff and the incorporation of technology in lecture theatres. The matriculation ceremony is scheduled for January 10th at the permanent site in Kabba, with full academic activities commencing on January 15th, 2024.

Inheriting facilities from the Kogi State College of Education Technical, Mopa, the university acknowledges Dr. (Mrs) Victoria Jagboro’s monumental achievements in infrastructure development. The institution is poised to compete globally, offering a blend of traditional and digital education.

As the university embarks on this exciting journey, the collaborative efforts of stakeholders and the commitment to innovation signal a promising future for Kogi State University, Kabba.

It will be recalled that the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) approved 25 programs for the institution to kick off.

The interview was coordinated by the Public relations officer of the university, Hon Tade Oshaloto

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