By Aduge Community.

It is no longer news that Aduge in Ogale/Aduge Ward in Ijumu Local Government has been excluded politically in both at the state level and local government. Ogale/ Aduge is one of the fifteen wards that makes up Ijumu Local government. Since the inception of the democratic dispensation Aduge as a community has usually wins elections for the successive government, but when government is constituted the community is always marginalized.

Looking at this olitical marginalization, one is tempted to ask what the offense of the community is. Over the years, Ogale Aduge Ward and specifically, Aduge community has experienced severe marginalization politically both at the local government and state, particularly since the rise of APC government. Ijumu is known for her rotational culture both in traditional and political issues. The results of All state and national elections can attest to the support of the community to APC as a party and the unity of Ijumu Local Government. Unfortunately, in recent times we have witnessed troubling divergence from these cultures.

It is on this note that the community of Aduge and the ward call on the leaders of Ijumu Local Government, Kogi State Government, APC to as a matter of urgency and in the spirit of equity and fairness consider Aduge in Ogale/Aduge Ward for the next caretaker and Chairman of Ijumu Local Government.

Below are compilation of appointments in Ijumu Local Government since inception of democracy.

From the above analysis, one can say that Iju oke district has five (5) communities in all, other four (4) listed in this write-up have benefitted maximally both at party levels and both political and elective offices except Aduge. The question now is that :Are we not part of Ijumu oke?
These marginalization needs to be addressed in the spirit of fairness, social justice and togetherness by the contracted leaders both from Ijumu and the state and cede that Chairmanship position to Aduge.
We call on HE. Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Governor Elect, Alhaji Ododo,ALL party leaders and leaders in Ijumu local government to do the needful to cede the Caretaker and Chairman of Ijumu Local Government to Aduge in Ogale/ Aduge community.

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