In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, the sons and daughters of Yagba have come together to extend their warm congratulations to Asiwaju Pius Kolawole for his remarkable tenure as the executive chairman of Yagba West local government. The sentiment echoed is one of gratitude and admiration for a man who has etched his name in gold through his unwavering commitment to excellence against all odds.

In a society often measured by material wealth, the tribute emphasizes that Pius Kolawole’s worth transcends the mere accumulation of riches. Instead, it highlights the immeasurable value of the legacy he leaves behind—a legacy that speaks volumes about his character, dedication, and service to the community.

Among the accolades showered upon Kolawole, the spotlight is cast on his outstanding contributions across various domains. Notably, his commitment to the security of lives and properties stands tall, providing a sense of safety and well-being to the residents of Yagba West. The mention of roads rehabilitation underscores his focus on infrastructure, a vital aspect of community development.

We appreciate Pius Kolawole for his involvement in medical outreach programs, showcasing his concern for the well-being of the community’s residents. Furthermore, his philanthropic gestures towards the less privileged, widows, physically challenged individuals, and various social and religious groups paint a picture of a leader who genuinely cares for the diverse needs of his constituents.

The phrase “Midas touch” is employed to describe the widespread positive impact of Kolawole’s initiatives, reaching every nook and cranny of Yagba West. This metaphor suggests a transformative influence, indicating that his leadership has turned challenges into opportunities and brought prosperity to the region.

Acknowledging Pius Kolawole’s doggedness and unwavering commitment, the tribute underscores the importance of leaving a legacy that will be remembered long after leaving office. The mention of God’s glory serves as a nod to the belief that ethical and dedicated service ultimately receives divine blessings.

We also extends appreciation to His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, for entrusting Pius Kolawole with various responsibilities under his administration. The acknowledgment of trust not being betrayed reflects the confidence in Kolawole’s ability to serve with integrity and dedication.

Pastor Kingsley Ikusagba, the Area Education Evaluator of Yagba West LGA, salutes Pius Kolawole, recognizing him as a leader whose legacy will endure, a man who has truly left an indelible mark on the Land of Honour.

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