Since the creation of Kogi State, Kabba-Bunu LGA have enjoyed relative peace and tranquility. This could be ascribed to the positive inputs and arrangements of the political gladiators and critical stakeholders.

One of the best things that has happened to us is the positive devolvement of positions and appointments between the districts that comprises Kabba and Bunu.

The internal arrangement between the two districts have worked so well to the bewilderment of outsiders. Kudos to the political leaders in Kabba-Bunu LG!

As par constitutional requirements, by the special grace of God almighty, Hon. Moses Olorunleke’s (Bunu district) tenure as Chairman elapse today 14th December, 2023.

By implication and rotational arrangement between Bunu and Kabba, Kabba is primed to produce the next Chairman of the local government.

Going by the permutations and for simplicity sake, Kabba has 9 wards namely- Asuta, Okedayo, Otu- Egunbe, Egbeda, Aiyeteju- Kajola, Odo-Akete / Bolorunduro, Okekoko, Odolu & Aiyewa. These wards are divided into Ward A, B & C.

In order not to labour us with political rhetorics, either by man- made provisions or providence, wards B & C have produced numerous Chairmen, House of Reps, House of Assembly members and other notable elective positions over the years.

Hon. Tee Jay Yusuf, a former 3rd term House of Reps member is a product of Ward B.

Notable among these are Rt. Hon. Kolawole Matthew, Engr. S.B Bello, Hon. Alfred Bello, Late Hon. Jossy Dada, Hon. Funsho Otu etc.

For exactitude, it is only ward A comprising of Asuta, Okekoko and Odo Akete/ Bolorunduro wards that is yet to produce a Local Government Chairman, in spite of the fact that, these wards always churn out overwhelming votes for our ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, (APC).

The tabular presentation below will help us further in asserting the facts.

Name. Position
—— ——-

Ward B.


Name. Position

  1. Hon. Tee Jay Yusuf – Reps
  2. Late Hon. Jossy Dada- Chairman
  3. Hon. Alfred Bello – Assembly
  4. Engr. S.B Bello – Chairman

Ward C.

Name Position

  1. Prince Kolawole Matthew- Assembly
  2. Hon. Chop Chop- Assembly
  3. Hon. Funsho Otu -Chairman

Due to political miscalculations and reason beyond human logic, Okekoko and Asuta ward lost to the opposition in the gubernatorial election of November 11th 2023. It is only Odo Akete/ Bolorunduro ward that won overwhelmingly for the Ododo – Joel ticket.

Talking about the nitty- gritty, the 2 frontline aspirants incidentally are from the ward. They’re Hons. Segun Joel Arokoyo (Alabiye) and Femi Owoniyi (Omoga).They are both exceptional, wonderful party faithfuls. To say they are instrumental to the emergence of the governor- elect, Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman is hitting the nail on the head! Give it to the 2 grassroot mobilizers and proactive party members.

But, there is a but While Hon. Femi Owoniyi is from the same family with the immediate past Speaker, Rt.Hon. Kolawole Matthew, the reverse is the case with Hon. Segun Arokoyo!

None of his family member has ever tasted power except for the Councillorship position!

This is the basis for this write- up. We thought it imperative to set the record straight for posterity sake.

By the above dissections, we implore Kabba-Bunu APC leaders to look beyond primordial sentiment rather dwell on equity, fairness and justice in the recommendation of the next Chairman of Kabba-Bunu LGA.

If we can achieve this together,it will help to forster love, strengthen party cohesion and inculcate peaceful co- existence within the party ranks. By so doing, it will put opposition at a perpetual disadvantage.

Hon. Segun Joel Arokoyo (Alabiye) destinely primed to take over the mantle of governance in Kabba-Bunu LG, all things being equal.


Alabiye Media Team

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