Before, we proceed to our views, on why we stand with Hon Femi Omoga, we’ll like to start this piece with a quote from an American elder statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army, Collin Luther Powell that says: “Trust and passion are the essence of leadership.”

As aspirants aspire to be the next council boss, Kabba/bunu Government Area of Kogi State, something we believe is sacrosanct, and we admonish everyone to look into is conviction and to keenly pay attention to their political languages, as well as their MANIFESTOES for a better and informed choice.

It is about believing in someone who has got inexhaustible knowledge, and enduring dividends to the people. It is about someone who has got the passion to articulate the many impasses of governance. No doubt, Hon Femi Omoga has got the passion to serve and will militate the development, we earnestly crave for we together make him the next chairman of Kabba/bunu local government.

The time has come for us to balance the political landscape, let us stand with Hon Femi Omoga, Let us give this profoundly great philanthropist and a community developer the mandate to be the next chairman of Kabba/bunu local government.

We need someone who is vision oriented, outspoken and is ready to serve the people.
We need someone who is meticulous and very philosophical in thoughts, saddled with the responsibility to fight for the people and a prudent manager of the people’s wealth. Because of the above justifications, We stand with Hon Femi Omoga.

Hon Femi Omoga are not only outstanding in the political arena, but got the political charisma and clouts in fostering economic outlooks that will created enormous opportunities. We believe, it is just and equitable to give this icon and rare breed, the opportunity to become the next chairman of Kabba/bunu local government.

These are clear indications that our local government has metamorphosed to a better and responsible democracy, and we need to replicate this act by unequivocally: support and nominate Hon Femi Omoga chairman Kabba/bunu local government

Kabba/bunu Youth For Youth Group (YFYG)

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