Kogi state fiscal responsibility Commission led by the chairman, Ambassador isyaka Usman, FCA pays a working visit to the Kogi State internal revenue service(KGIRS) at it revenue House headquarters, Lokoja.

The FRC chairman, in his remarks, said that the state fiscal responsibility Commission is an establishment of the Kogi fiscal responsibility law of 2012 to ensure the implementation of it provisions. He states that FRC is a commission that’s charged with a mandate to promote a transparent and accountable government financial management framework for the state.

Speaking further, the chairman said it’s based on the power and mandate bestowed on the commission by the law that we have come here today, as we have also visited some other MDAS, to ensure revenue- raising policies, resources allocation decisions, and debt management strategies are undertaken in a prudent, transparent and timely fashion.

“We are out to perform our duty, not to witch-hunt anyone or agency, but rather to ensure the resources of the state are effectively and efficiently utilised in the most transparent and accountable manner. We are also out to sensitise ministries, departments, and agencies on how to be responsible fiscally and make sure it aligns with the policy thrust of the state government. Therefore, we should be partners in progress in our collective quest to build a virile macro economy. “

The Secretary of the Commission, Pastor Damisa, in his short remarks, said we are partners in the bid to build a better kogi state. Hence, no one should see our visit as a way of boxing anyone or institution to the corner. Rather, it’s for the collective good of kogites.

The commissioner representing Kogi East in the commission, Professor Onoja spoke about the issue of revenue leakages and the unlawful way some agencies are not authorised by the law still collecting revenues on behalf of the state. He said it’s part of our mandate as a commission to ensure these leakages are blocked and our revenue collection is totally harmonised under KGIRS.

While responding, Mr Olubunmi Ajayi, Director, MDAs and other Revenues, KGIRS represented the chairman, acknowledged the power and duty of the commission, hence, pledges the cooperation of the revenue service to the core essence of promoting good governance via efficient utilisation of resources in an open, transparent and accountable manner. These values have always been our hallmark in the revenue service, which makes us a viable partner in the quest to achieve the objectives of the fiscal responsibility Commission, Mr Bunmi asserted.

“At any point you need our attention and support in the bid to discharge your mandate of making sure Government entities are fiscally responsible in the management of state resources, we will be poised to work with the commission. We are fully compliant with fiscal terms and conditions as a service, and we won’t hesitate to open our books further when necessary.”

Afterwards, there were discussions that snowballed into fruitful engagement between members of the commission and revenue service to ensure all grey areas are solved and areas of partnership are well spelt out.

The commissioner representing Kogi West, Engr. Ayopemi Ayowande did the closing remark, where he expressed gratitude to the KGIRS management team for obliging the commission the needed cooperation and support, saying it’s a sign we are all committed to the greater Kogi Project. Therefore, we seek your indulgence to extend our hearts of gratitude to the chairman, even as we hope our partnership will yield bountiful fruit in the weeks to come. Thank you all.

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