Kogi West APC Governorship Campaign Council Embarks on Thank You Visit to Electorate, Breaking the Tradition of Neglect

Hon. Funsho Olumoko and Kogi West APC Governorship Campaign Council embark on a grateful journey, expressing appreciation to the electorate for their unwavering support and massive vote in the recent Kogi state governorship election.

In an unprecedented move, the Director-General of the Kogi West APC Governorship Campaign Council, Hon. Funsho Olumoko, alongside other critical stakeholders of the party, embarked on a thank you visit to the electorate across Kogi West Senatorial District. Their objective was to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming support received during the last November 11 governorship election in Kogi state.

The visit was seen as a remarkable initiative by Hon. Funsho Olumoko, as it defied the norm observed by politicians who only approach the electorate when they need votes. After winning elections, they rarely return to express their appreciation. This act of reaching out to the people post-election has garnered surprise and admiration from the electorate.

During the visit, the campaign council and the entire party stakeholders in Kogi West took the opportunity to extend their condolences to the family of late Hon. Dansabe, the former chairman of Lokoja Local Government. Their gesture of paying their respects showcased their empathy and solidarity with the grieving family.

The group continued its visit by meeting with the traditional heads of Adankoko and other local government areas. Engaging with these revered leaders and critical stakeholders was crucial to identifying the concerns and expectations of the people, ensuring that their needs are addressed and recommended solutions are implemented effectively.

Notably, the group also paid a visit to Hon. Abiodun Ojo, a former House of Representatives member, two-term commissioner, and a political godfather, who is regarded as a strong influential voice in Kogi West’s political landscape. Hon. Abiodun Ojo commended the contribution of Hon. Richard Osaseyi, the Kogi State Signage and Advertisement Agency’s Director-General, for his impactful initiatives that influenced the decisions of the people in Ijumu to vote for the APC candidate. His previous activities in the local government played a significant role in making the party’s work easier.

The team comprised notable leaders, such as the Commissioner for Special Duties, Hon. Ismail Adesayo Yahaya, Hon. Shuaibu Ipinmisho, and other Senior Special Assistants (SSAs). Their presence reflected the party’s commitment to ensuring that the voices of the people are heard and their efforts are recognized and appreciated.

The thank you visit is set to continue tomorrow, further strengthening the bond between the APC and the electorate in Kogi West Senatorial District. This unprecedented gesture signifies a positive shift in the relationship between politicians and the people, showing that their support and votes matter beyond election day.

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