Civil Servants Slam Mysterious Group's Call to Cancel Selection Process for Permanent Secretaries, Assert Commitment to Transparency and Meritocracy

In a scathing blow to efforts to ensure transparency and meritocracy in the Nigerian Federal Civil Service, the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) has condemned a mysterious group’s attempt to undermine the recently concluded selection process for Permanent Secretaries. ASCSN’s National President, Comrade Tommy Etim Okon, expressed concern that this faceless group sought to sidestep the crucial matter of merit in the appointment of these high-ranking officials. The ASCSN swiftly hit back, denouncing these shadowy individuals and their dubious intentions.

Comrade Okon addressed reporters in Abuja on Tuesday, expressing deep disappointment that this unidentified group, purporting to consist of senior civil servants, had called for the cancellation of promotion exams for Directors aspiring to the position of Permanent Secretary. He stressed that the ASCSN, a registered and recognized trade union, does not take the opinions of faceless individuals as representing the views of the entire civil service. Comrade Okon went on to emphasize the eligibility criteria and selection process provided in the Revised Public Service Rules, which the purported group appeared alarmingly unaware of.

The ASCSN leader questioned how a group claiming to be knowledgeable about civil service matters could display such a shocking level of ignorance regarding the procedures for appointment of Permanent Secretaries. The Centre for Public Accountability had previously alleged that senior civil servants, represented by the faceless group, had called for the cancellation of the examination for the selection of successful directors eligible for appointment.

Outlining a vision for the civil service that prioritizes quality over quantity, Comrade Okon urged the system to depart from simply filling vacancies and instead place round pegs in round holes, ensuring qualified candidates are chosen. He praised the current leadership of the Office of the Civil Service of the Federation for their efforts to reform a system saddled with a poor reputation. Furthermore, Comrade Okon expressed gratitude to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his support of public sector reforms in Nigeria. In no uncertain terms, he made it clear that any attempts to endorse mediocrity and disregard existing rules shall be fiercely resisted.

With the ASCSN’s unwavering commitment to meritocracy and professionalism in the civil service, their battle against this faceless group’s attempt to undermine the appointment process for Permanent Secretaries continues. Nigeria waits to see whether the service will prioritize the quality of candidates over mere quantity, ultimately cementing its position as an efficient institution of government.

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