The Kogi State Police Command has shed light on the recent arrest of the Kogi State governorship candidate of the Action Alliance, Olayinka Braimoh, during the off-cycle governorship election. Contrary to earlier speculation about electoral offenses, the police clarified that Braimoh’s arrest was linked to his alleged disregard for restriction orders.

Reports surfaced that the candidate and his aides were apprehended in the Kabba Bunu Local Government Area for possessing campaign materials in violation of election day restrictions. This triggered concerns of a possible kidnapping when Braimoh and his aides became unreachable by phone.

However, the spokesperson for the state Police Command, William Aya, emphasized that the arrest was not election-related but centered on the violation of orders restricting movement during the election. Aya explained that there was an order prohibiting security personnel from accompanying VIPs on election day, and Braimoh’s arrest was a consequence of disregarding this directive.

Aya further stated that Braimoh was detained temporarily and subsequently released. The police spokesperson emphasized that the investigation would proceed, and disciplinary procedures would be followed to address the violation.

In response, the chairman of the Action Alliance party, Fred Ambo, condemned the arrest, characterizing it as manipulated. He expressed disapproval of how Braimoh was treated, highlighting the candidate’s prolonged incommunicado status and the treatment reminiscent of that given to a criminal.

The incident underscores the tensions surrounding election processes and the importance of adhering to electoral regulations, with the police asserting that the arrest was grounded in the violation of movement restrictions rather than electoral misconduct.

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