In a remarkable gesture towards uplifting his community, philanthropist Bello Mutari has once again demonstrated his commitment to the well-being of the people in Kogi State (Central). Through his annual initiative under the MBig Foundation, Mutari distributed over 2,000 mobile phones with the aim of propelling his community into the digital economy and commerce space.

Mutari, known for his philosophy that “you are nothing without your people,” believes in the transformative power of giving back to society. The mobile phone distribution event has become a consistent effort by Mutari to bridge the technological gap and empower individuals in his region.

Addressing the importance of fostering digital literacy and connectivity, Mutari stated, “The fact that you understand the power of humanity is enough reason for blessings non-stop.” His words emphasize the profound impact that empowering individuals with mobile phones can have on their access to information, education, and economic opportunities.

The MBig Foundation’s annual event not only provides tangible tools for connectivity but also serves as a catalyst for community development. By embracing the digital era, Mutari envisions a future where his people are equipped with the skills and resources needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Bello Mutari’s distribution of over 2,000 mobile phones in Kogi State reflects a visionary approach to philanthropy. By investing in the digital empowerment of his people, Mutari is sowing the seeds for a more connected, informed, and prosperous community, echoing the sentiment that true blessings come from understanding and harnessing the power of humanity.

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