ENGR.DAN Congratulations Kogi State Governor elect, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo over a resounding victory

The Kogi State Governorship election held recently has left an indelible mark on the political landscape of the state. Amidst the triumph and celebration, ENGR.DAN, the State Coordinator of the KOGI WEST YOUTH DELEGATION FOR ODODO/JOEL MANDATE, took a moment to extend heartfelt congratulations and appreciation.

In a statement, ENGR.DAN conveyed his congratulations to the Governor-elect, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, for securing a resounding victory. The success of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo is not just a personal triumph but a victory for all Kogites, marking a significant moment in the political history of the state.

ENGR.DAN expressed gratitude to notable figures who played pivotal roles in the success of the election. Special mention was given to Honorable Commissioner for Finance & Budget Planning, Kogi State, Hon. Asiru Idris Asiwaju, Kogi State ALGON Chairman, Alhaji Taofiq Isah, and the Commissioner of information Hon Kingsley Femi Fanwo, who served as their Patron. Their contributions were acknowledged as essential pillars of support throughout the electoral process.

Highlighting the commitment to a violence-free campaign, ENGR.DAN emphasized the significance of maintaining peace in Okunland. The slogan “violence is not an option” resonated throughout their efforts, reinforcing the dedication to ensuring a fair and credible election. The absence of violence in any part of Okunland underscored the group’s commitment to fostering a democratic process based on respect and tolerance.

Addressing the newly elected Governor, ENGR.DAN remarked that Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo’s ascendancy to the position of the number one citizen of the state reflects the trust and confidence placed in him by Kogi State electorates. The qualities of integrity, wisdom, and compassion were highlighted as crucial attributes that will guide him in leading the state towards progress and development.

In closing, ENGR.DAN expressed gratitude to all members of the KOGI WEST YOUTH DELEGATION FOR ODODO/JOEL MANDATE, recognizing their collective efforts and commitment. He reiterated the belief that, together, they will make a difference and contribute to shaping a Kogi State that aligns with their dreams and aspirations.

As the State Coordinator, ENGR.DAN’s message encapsulates not only the joy of victory but also the responsibility and optimism for a brighter future for Kogi State under the leadership of Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

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