On behalf of my family and the entire dependable people of Kabba/Bunu, I congratulate the resourceful and vibrant winner of the November 11th gubernatorial election, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo.

Indeed, nothing good has ever come easy; your relentless touch to nooks and crannies of Kogi, your prompt campaigns, not minding your popularity and acceptance far and wide, and your failure to have relaxingly presumed that the die is cast by sleeping when serious work needed be done has not only made you the victor but has left the margin unarguably stunning.

To the nay upholders and doubting Thomases, what proofs do they further seek rather than sheath their swords and bow to whom God has prior and hitherto anointed and approved?

A big congratulations goes to the White Lion, whose strategies beat the imagination of all. I heartily felicitate with the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello; Sir, you are an undaunted captain who does not condone distractions nor perturbed by intimidations. May you live long.

The ship is now set, your Excellency, Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo for your sailing.

The Almighty GOD will bestow unto you all that you require to effect balanced developments.

Once again, soar higher Sir in this your new phase as I wish you endless congratulations.

Hon (Dr) Seyi Bello
The Priviledged House of Assembly Member Representing Kabba/Bunu

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